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Synonyms for circumference

Synonyms for circumference

a line around a closed figure or area

Synonyms for circumference

the size of something as given by the distance around it


Related Words

the boundary line encompassing an area or object

the length of the closed curve of a circle

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By April 2009, members of the Audit Bureau of Circulations will begin reporting under new guidelines that alter the notion of what ABC considers "paid" circ.
In recent Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) reporting periods, the Little Rock daily has actually gained circ.
com stock will begin trading "regular way" on the Nasdaq National Market on October 29, 1999 under the symbol: CIRC.
will provide suggestions for major policy and mechanism design at the CIRC.
I'm not suggesting that total audience should immediately replace paid circ.
Contract notice: Supply of wireless rechargeable ais pilot plug connectors comp lying with imo sn / circ.