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Synonyms for cipher



Synonyms for cipher

a totally insignificant person

to ascertain by mathematics

Synonyms for cipher

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We are thrilled to be selected as a top security system integrator by MarketsandMarkets," said Ed Boucas, Chief Executive Officer at CIPHER.
Cipher is a cloud-native application with multitenant capabilities leveraging a modern architecture design, based on Microsoft's Azure Internet of Things platform.
Making Cipher Reports available through Kluwer IP Law is another key step in Wolters Kluwer's efforts to bring cutting-edge technology to the market faster and provide accessibility to firms of all sizes.
Several standard block cipher modes of operation have been introduced.
One of the widely used cryptographic algorithm is the A5/1 stream cipher which acts as the encryption for GSM (Global System for Mobile) communication.
Using this cipher, Caesar might have written the following message.
This cipher, known as the Caesar Cipher, is easy to both use and break.
The main requirement of a stream cipher is good pseudorandom generation.
But Al Mazroui said his cipher, which he called Abu Dhabi Code, was based on a group of symbols he said he designed himself.
3 Visual security assessment for several cipher videos
Throughout history, people have developed all kinds of cipher systems in order to protect sensitive information.
Beginning with the encryption system used by Julius Caesar, Young (Loyola College) explains ever more complicated schemes for coding messages, culminating in the RSA Cipher developed by MIT computer scientists for internet security.
To support a secure advanced information society, and with the goal of disseminating Camellia, which was selected as a major international standard and recommended cipher, NTT released Camellia source codes as open source on April 13, 2006 so that Camellia can be freely used as an international basic technology.
What is the biggest obstacle Cipher has had to overcome?
For example, one Cipher client was tasked with enabling her small team of analysts to provide critical information to decision makers throughout her global organization.