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Synonyms for cinnamon

tropical Asian tree with aromatic yellowish-brown bark

spice from the dried aromatic bark of the Ceylon cinnamon tree

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C' stands for Cinnamon, and this place is called after my family, which is the most aristocratic in the town.
Cinnamon Bunn met her and said he would show her around the town.
Good luck to your messes," answered Tom, as he walked away meditatively crunching his cinnamon, and looking as if he did not find it as spicy as usual.
The leaves of the camphor, pepper, cinnamon, and clove trees were delightfully aromatic; and the bread-fruit, the jaca, and the mango, vied with each other in the magnificence of their foliage.
It was not alone that the scales descending on the counter made a merry sound, or that the twine and roller parted company so briskly, or that the canisters were rattled up and down like juggling tricks, or even that the blended scents of tea and coffee were so grateful to the nose, or even that the raisins were so plentiful and rare, the almonds so extremely white, the sticks of cinnamon so long and straight, the other spices so delicious, the candied fruits so caked and spotted with molten sugar as to make the coldest lookers-on feel faint and subsequently bilious.
Subsequently, the scientists found that cinnamons active ingredients are polyphenol polymers with insulinlike action.
Cinnamons products at its existing 19 service centers throughout Tennessee.
If you think you've had cinnamon before, there's a good chance you're mistaken.
Cinnamon Shore, a $235 million project headed by developer Jeff Lamkin, a Texas native, is located near the town of Port Aransas on the storied Mustang Island, just a half-hour's drive south of Corpus Christi.
Cinnamon brand called Cinnachips(TM), has shipped product to 68 Price/Costco stores in Northern and Southern California from its recently opened Santa Ana plant.