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A mouse that smells cinnamon on a buddy's breath will choose cinnamon-scented food over any other flavor, the researchers found.
Chamomile and calendula extracts soothe the skin and a clean, cinnamon-scented lather leaves skin with a fresh, healthy glow.
There are also chocolate-- and cinnamon-scented geraniums.
There are dozens of accommodations - mostly b&bs - on San Juan, from the cinnamon-scented Tucker House, a couple of blocks from the ferry landing, to the white-carpeted Olympic Lights, set on a stark seaside landscape several miles from town.
In the first, rice simmered in chicken broth combines with cinnamon-scented onions that have been slowly cooked to sweetness in butter.
The SimplySmart[TM] shower will incorporate a proprietary Stay Smart[TM] Kohler showerhead, signature shower curtain with curved rod, upgraded 100 percent cotton terry towels and a custom line of cinnamon-scented bath products.
Menu includes Po de Queijo (cheese rolls); Seafood Moqueca Para'so; Plantain Puree; Salad of Greens, Roasted Pumpkin and Cashews With Cinnamon-Scented Dressing; and Brazilian Caipirinha Mousse.
Or spoon a sweet, cinnamon-scented pumpkin mousse into puff pastry shells.
A cinnamon-scented, sexkitten,playful pink shimmer, housed in a mini red foil box it will vamp up your vanity and bring your man of choice to your boudoir.
Colorful vegetables (add the quick-cooking zucchini and peas just before serving) prettily set off lamb chops braised in a cinnamon-scented sauce.