cinnabar moth

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large red-and-black European moth

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The beautiful red-and-black cinnabar moth is one of the joys of summer and without this bright yellow plant this gorgeous creature would just be a distant memory of warm summers past.
Tansy is their delicacy and is the only source of food for these larvae of the small, black cinnabar moth, with some red on its wings.
While at Rainford, he saw marsh thistle and common fleabane in flower, while a cinnabar moth fed on ragwort.
At Rainford, Jim watched cinnabar moth caterpillars feeding on ragwort and enjoyed red admiral, gatekeeper and meadow brown butterflies.
By the 1980s, golden tansy ragwort flea beetles, cinnabar moths and seed head flies had largely decimated the weed's Western Oregon population.
My handicap, though, was the instant distraction of the skylark's nest in the rough, the gannet diving into the sea just off Royal Portrush, Cinnabar Moths at Royal Lytham and and skeins of pink- footed geese passing over Birkdale in the autumn.
The British Entomological Society is surveying bumblebees, cinnabar moths, and glow-worms.
Years ago, the county tried introducing cinnabar moths to produce larvae to munch on tansy ragwort.
At Neston he saw the caterpillars of oak eggar and drinker moths, while newly emerged cinnabar moths were on the seawall at Leasowe.
The reserve has plenty of other wildlife - stoats, beautiful wild flowers, both six spot burnet and cinnabar moths on the wing, so see you there.