cinnabar moth

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large red-and-black European moth

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The tansy in our area has outlived and survived longer than its one natural enemy, the caterpillar-like larvae of the cinnabar moth.
IN reply to Derek Nash's query about the caterpillar in his photo (Your View, July 12), it is the caterpillar of the Cinnabar moth and feeds on yellow flowered plants like groundsel, coltsfoot and ragwort in July and August.
To a small child, some 60 years ago, the orange and black caterpillars of the Cinnabar Moth were an everyday sight, feeding on ragwort.
Prof Derek Knottenbelt, of Liverpool University, believes everyone has a responsibility to tackle the "hooligan weed" - and said conservation-ists may be wrongly sheltering the plant to protect the cinnabar moth.
Sadly as the caterpillars of the pretty red and black Cinnabar moth do not have the appetite of cabbage white's caterpillars, horse keepers will have to wait for a heavy rain storm before pulling out the ragwort plan or put a flock of old ewes in to graze new plant growth after cutting.
The dunes and grassland, with plants like Grass of Parnassus, are habitats for dark green fritillary and grayling butterflies, woolly bear tiger moth caterpillars, and the red and green cinnabar moth.
One way is to encourage the black and red cinnabar moth, whose caterpillars - with alternating black and orange rings - feed on ragwort.
The beautiful red-and-black cinnabar moth is one of the joys of summer and without this bright yellow plant this gorgeous creature would just be a distant memory of warm summers past.
Tansy is their delicacy and is the only source of food for these larvae of the small, black cinnabar moth, with some red on its wings.