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Synonyms for cinnabar

a heavy reddish mineral consisting of mercuric sulfide

large red-and-black European moth

of a vivid red to reddish-orange color

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CONCLUSIONS: According to our calculations, between 1564 and 1810, an estimated 17,000 metric tons of mercury vapor were emitted from cinnabar smelting in Huancavelica, and an estimated 39,000 metric tons were released as vapor during silver refining operations in Potosi.
Cinnabar, which has shot as many as 500 commercials in a year, then moved in mid-November to the then-shuttered Pacific Air Motors engine repair and maintenance plant on Hollywood Way in Burbank across from the Burbank Airport's runway.
The pigments, they found, were bone white, lead white, cerussite, quartz, cinnabar, malachite, charcoal black, copper salts, Chinese purple and azurite.
Cinnabar Court is the newest phase of speculative development on the park by Commercial Development Projects.
Becerra said he will open a restaurant in mid-February in the remodeled space formerly occupied by Cinnabar in the onetime Bekins building at 933 S.
There will also be an import ban in some mercury compounds (such as cinnabar ore and calomel).
Part eight of this 12-part saga, The Palace of the Cinnabar Phoenix, was performed on a lake in Haliburton Forest.
The result is a list of scientific names for dyes and minerals that culminates in "cinnabar," only to then unfold into a mythological account of the origin of cinnabar as the blood of dragons mixed with that of elephants:
Sandalwood, mace, cloves, frankincense, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cassia, aloes, dragon's teeth, cinnabar, spiceries and drugs came from lands unseen, possibly uninhabitable, and almost by definition unattainable--and that was what made them so desirable.
For instance, the bright-red paint used to depict flowers and birds' plumages was a common pigment from that era called cinnabar.
The cinnabar dupiont silk coverlet is $1,300 and matching king shams are $190 each; two standard shams with embroidery, $190 each.
Designed to contain tea bags or other tea supplements, the Tea Bag Holder keeps tables free from drips and stains, it is available in a variety of colors: Cinnabar, Garden Green, Pink, Chocolate, Cornflower Blue, Grape, Red, Curry Yellow, White and Vanilla.
But in nature, it combines with sulfur to form a bright red mineral (naturally occurring solid made of different elements) called cinnabar.
The ocher yellow and cinnabar red walls, on the other hand, suggest Morocco, while the citrus and grapevines in containers evoke Italy.