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(anatomy) an encircling structure (as the ridge around the base of a tooth)

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Frontal white matter and cingulum diffusion tensor imaging deficits in alcoholism.
Evidence for fractional anisotropy and mean diffusivity white matter abnormalities in the internal capsule and cingulum in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder.
The upper teeth from Napak XV are close in dimensions to those in the holotype maxilla (M 19084) and show no clear morphological differences, apart from those mentioned in the discussion concerning the M1, NAP XV 382'08, which has lingual morphology which is somewhat divergent from other specimens from the same locality, and different from the molars from Napak I, in that the separation between the protocone and lingual cingulum is clearly marked.
An indentation on the palatal surface running from the incisal edge to the cervical margin almost dividing the crown into two halves was visible with prominent cingulum.
Diagnosis--The largest species of Postcopemys based on its brachydont bunodont molars; also bears the following unique character combination: median mure connected to protocone on M1; m1 with a wide and strongly bilobed procingulum; ectolophid and ectostylid on m1 present; mesolophid well-developed on m1, but short in m2 and not extending to the lingual cingulum.
The word shingles comes from the Latin word cingulum, meaning belt.
Cette correlation positive fut observee dans les regions du cingulum gauche, du gyrus temporal moyen, du gyrus frontal superieur et du splenium du corps calleux (Peper et al.
L'argument du cingulum dont la representation, ici absente, serait le propre des statues posterieures a l'epoque julio-claudienne parait plus fragile.
At the level of the cingulum the ectophallic membrane forms two pointed, laterally directed conical processes.
Both maxillary canine and premolar were prepared with chamfers, cingulum rest for canine and mesial occlusal rest for premolar to receive RBB.
Neuregulin 1 genetic variation and anterior cingulum integrity in patients with schizophrenia and healthy controls.
02 mm, se midieron en los modelos la distancia intercanina tomada entre los centros del cingulum (7); la distancia intermolar, medida entre el surco de desarrollo lingual del segundo molar deciduo hasta su contralateral (7) y la discrepancia dentoalveolar, clasificada de acuerdo a la discrepancia existente entre el tamano mesiodistal de los dientes y el espacio disponible en las arcadas dentales; utilizando el metodo de Lundstrom, el cual indicara el espacio necesario; la diferencia entre el espacio necesario y el disponible da el valor de la discrepancia o apinamiento, un valor positivo significa espacio insuficiente y este se clasifica en: leve: menos de 2mm , moderado:24mm y severo: 5-9mm (1).
The cusp extended from cingulum to 3/4th of the crown length and has a talon like appearance.