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Her referent and cinematographic discursive model reflects film categories supported by the dictatorship: the escapist Hollywood blockbuster and national Spanish cinema.
This cinematographic idea of "good" vampires is exploited later in North American films like The Lost Boys (1983), in the TV series Forever Knight (1992), and in the recent True Blood (2008) on HBO.
The government set up the National Committee for the Reform and Development of the Audiovisual Sector, and decided to provide more money for cinematographic productions, calling on TV stations, internet services providers and DVD vendors to make financial contributions, at a time when fewer movies were made, and the number of cinemas was down to 20 from the over 100 in the 1960s in Tunisia.
With the earliest films in his brilliant but hubris-laden career Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction he reinvented filmmaking, from narrative styles to cinematographic techniques to hi-jinks action.
While most average Kurds are familiar with simple cinematographic terms, they are eager to learn more about real cinema.
She provides an analysis of both films that allows the reader to see other aspects of them that are valuable, and she addresses the question of cinematographic representation by showing what the films can do rather than what they fail to do.
A spin-off of the hugely popular television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI Miami places more emphasis on police work rather than science, sharing its parent show's penchant for grisly crime re-enactments and boasts a flashier cinematographic style that befits its sun-kissed locale.
preserve and enhance European cultural and linguistic diversity and its cinematographic and audiovisual heritage, guarantee its accessibility to the public and promote intercultural dialogue;
Michael Cwach, an American with Czech roots who in his search for other Czech immigrants in the USA decided to learn the bagpipes and sing Czech songs, can be considered his cinematographic opposite number.
SNP deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon said: "Some of the world's leading actors and cinematographic talents are from Scotland.
Bracingly original, with a fresh visual style that utilizes multiple cinematographic treatments, Shortbus is unlike any other American film that's come (pun intended) before.
We'll have a state-of-the-art film room for digitizing and cinematographic study of our athletes, our own weight room, biomechanics area, team room, locker room, coaches offices.
LAUREL DANIEL, who has died, aged 89, in a high-care nursing home in Melbourne following a stroke, had an enviable place in cinematographic history.
Cinematic hypertext is a fourth paradigm of hypertext that frames the problem of maintaining coherence as one of representing and communicating discourse form in ways inspired by the mechanisms underpinning cinematographic languages for expressing coherently narrative relations.
Product placement is a reality in cinematographic works .