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a photographer who operates a movie camera

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After training under cinematographer Ashok Kumar for more than four years, Vijayalakshmi made her first step as an independent cinematographer with Tamil film Chinna Veedu.
05 ( ANI ): The celebrated cinematographer, Roger Deakins, finally won his first Oscar after getting nominated in the category for 14 times.
She's up against "Blade Runner 2049" cinematographer Roger A.
During the war, military cinematographers shot the shooters and, often, the shooting.
It's about time that our incredible cinematographers also get the international recognition they deserve.
With so much additional malleability in the image, it's imperative that the cinematographer be involved through post, ensuring a consistent and coherent film that remains true to its concept and design.
The highest Golden Camera 300 Award went to cinematographer Matyas Erdely for his film Son of Saul, which the jury, led by Ryszard Lenczewski, described as "a film offering a new way of storytelling".
Lesnie died Monday after suffering from a serious heart condition for the past six months, the Australian Cinematographers Society said in a statement, after the group's president confirmed Lesnie's death with his family.
The discussion began with how a cinematographer chooses a camera as each panellist spoke about his style of working and what criteria they keep in mindwhile choosing the right camera for a particular project.
The Filmmaker's Guide to Digital Imaging: For Cinematographers, Digital Imaging Technicians, and Camera Assistants (online access included)
She was addressing the question of whether there is a significant difference between the way a male cinematographer looks at and films an image and the way a female cinematographer sees and frames an image.
He first makes clear the overlapping knowledge requirements and activities of cinematographer and director and then makes some differentiations.
In addition to being selected for the ad campaign, Mailhiot was the first female cinematographer and editor to become part of Sony's elite ICE internal development team.
The cinematographer also advised his audience to highlight the importance of engagement of people in his profession.
And because the film recently received a nod from the International Cinematographers Guild (its cinematographer was given an Emerging Cinematographer Award), Marlow will return to Cannes for next year's Film Festival to see the film screened at the American Pavilion.