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With this story Sissako explores his region's recent history of fundamentalist extremism, and makes a cinematically stunning condemnation of intolerance and oppression.
Daniel Junge and Shameen Obaid-Chinoy's Academy Award-winning Saving Face and Harry Freeland's In the Shadow of the Sun are two other luminous and cinematically beautiful films that deserve to be seen.
From the Merry Pranksters' Wavy Gravy teaching breathing lessons outside Nixon's first Inaugural Ball to a near-fatal encounter with Charles de Gaulle's Republican Guard in Paris, there are compelling scenes from beginning to end no less cinematically vivid save for the fact that they're real.
Adapted from a 1980 screenplay by the late actor Joe Spinnell - who took the lead in the original version directed by William Lustig, now a producer here - Maniac is cinematically bold with hideously-realistic effects.
By evening however he had already become the example of a cinematically pleasing headline on a news dry Republic Day.
The story cinematically describes the cataclysmic journey of the seated men inside the tent dwelling, and the transformation of the entire scene into a single fossil record.
According to the New York Daily News, Mark Boal, who wrote the screenplay for both "Zero Dark Thirty" and "The Hurt Locker," was even more adamant that the cinematically enhanced interrogation scenes did not mislead audiences.
This show or stunt, or whatever it is called cinematically, is unacceptable and should be faced with toughness," said the MP.
IN A WEEK when Dredd has been cinematically exhumed and even Anna Karenina could be considered to be yet another remake, it makes a wonderful change to have an original story to digest.
He explained how this is often overlooked in cinema, adding: "It seems like cinematically people try to avoid showing that almost, particularly when it comes to illness.
Call Gillian, 1994, features nine men and women relating the embarrassing, difficult, appalling things they have done and have had done to them, all the while wearing cinematically creepy masks to protect their identities.
What's more, with this brilliant series about to be released cinematically there has never been a better opportunity to catch-up on all these great episodes.
This 1997 bomb just goes to show that the devil may have the best tunes, but cinematically he's rubbish.
Terry Griggs's writing style is action-packed and powerfully, cinematically visual.
Cinematically, it is disturbingly realistic with a landscape similar to the stuff-nightmares are made of.