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a movie that shows ordinary people in actual activities without being controlled by a director

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We and our partners at Cinema Verite regard each other as teammates.
Their approach, called cinema verite, or direct cinema, also was used in feature films, by the American director John Cassavetes and the French directors Louis Malle and Agnes Varda.
This week Moore did not attend the annual Cinema Verite festival, the Iranian international festival for documentary films, which concludes tomorrow.
A curious amalgam of cinema verite, broadcast news, and documentary styles, reality TV has also been successfully used as a tool with which to explore social issues.
He is a realist, a semi-fabulist, one whose vision is of cinema verite.
The delicate emotional tenor is achieved through the cinema verite aesthetic and stunning cinematic compositions of extreme close-ups and panoramic interludes of South Korean urban and countryside landscape.
We shot the film on full HD and we've created a stark, gritty, cinema verite style, with fast cuts to create a claustrophobic and terrifying experience for audiences.
Drawing on Stephen Mamber's book, Cinema Verite in America, Elder notes that the Canadian filmmakers following Henri Cartier-Bresson's quest for the "decisive moment" in the quotidian favoured an observational approach over what Mamber calls the "crisis-structure" dramatic frameworks of the American school of Robert Drew.
Several exceptional documentaries emerged from Cinema Verite, the Iran International Documentary Film Festival, whose second edition ran in Tehran over October 15-19.
On Wednesday night, the two time Oscar-winning actress was honoured with Lifetime Achievement award by Middle East International Film Festival (MEIFF) and Cinema Verite.
The story opens quite well in a cinema verite fashion, setting the scene for a plague in Scotland which leads the English authorities to close the border with a hi-tech wall.
I entered the world of movies when cinema verite work like the Maysles brothers' and Richard Leacock's and D.
In his recently launched book Broken Screen (2006), containing nonlinear interviews with 26 artists, Aitken compares his work to the restless cinema verite of Warhol's Chelsea Girls (1966), which apparently accounts for sleepwalkers's freshly mopped studio perfection.
Described as a "quasi-fictional, quasi-documentary research project," After Before nods explicitly to 1960s cinema verite, particularly in its emphasis on the interpersonal and the political.