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an X-ray representation of blood vessels made after the injection of a radiopaque substance

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31] Selection of cine film for cineangiography should be based more on the film's contrast and graininess than film speed.
Use of fluoroscopy, cineangiography, and contrast injection to visualize and measure the aortic valve and determine a site for its correct placement
Lipoprotein(a) plasma levels in normal subjects and patients with coronary disease confirmed by coronary cineangiography.
Briefly, the number of cineangiography frames, recorded at 30 frames per second, required for the leading edge of the column of radiographic contrast to reach a predetermined landmark, is determined.
41) found both an excellent correlation with volumes calculated by EBCT as well as an excellent correlation between EBCT results and biplane cineangiography (r = 0.
Similar trends were observed by measuring LVEF via cineangiography, as provided in the data table below.