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photographic film several hundred feet long and wound on a spool

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Proud of its link with the pioneering days of cine-film, the Newcastle club has retained the name ACA.
o IS IT true that years ago cine-film projectors were made in Coventry?
The exhibition features the film, the set, the props and retro cine-film projections on to the walls, one showing the artist and his partner strolling around wearing surreal headgear (inspired, I am told, by relics in museums in America and Japan where McCreadie ventured during his fellowship year).
Harley Jones, of Cardiff-based firm Celtic Films and Video which converted the old reel onto DVD, said the film had been discovered in a batch bought by a friend who collects vintage cine-film and equipment, who had bought the film at an auction years before, but never viewed the footage until it was transferred to DVD.
Pilots took photos during and after raids and use cine-film, which was regularly scanned by the RAF to see how effective raids had been and gain useful intelligence.
The life-long rugby fan and cine-film enthusiast toured all over Europe by bus with Edith, even meeting and singing with Gracie Fields on the Island of Capri.
We'd sit cross-legged before an enormous brown telly and hope the picture wouldn't start spooling upwards like a piece of cine-film or explode into a crackle of horizontal lines.
At 83-years-old, Gemmell Alexander is the last family member alive who features in an incredible cine-film diary of their turbulent life and times.
In addition to the photographs, a huge volume of cine-film footage has been taken over the years and it is hoped to eventually transfer these onto DVD.
Festival chiefs are appealing worldwide for old photographs and cine-films taken since the first Eisteddfod in 1947.