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a camera that takes a sequence of photographs that can give the illusion of motion when viewed in rapid succession

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Maldwyn Edwards with his cine-camera (main) and shots of his films including Aberfan, the investiture and Manchester United at Bangor (insets)
The guy who abused me had a cine-camera so when I accessed those images, the four images that I saw, there was always the thought in my mind, 'I wonder if it's going to be me'
With the help of Jill's family, Mr Curtin found tapes of her as a little girl, filmed with her parents' cine-camera.
It is a race I will never tire of watching, again and again, either on videotape or more often in the cine-camera of my mind.
He said: "I went to the Caribbean and when I came back the first thing I did was buy a cine-camera because I wanted to capture all the sights I had seen.
The rare footage was recorded almost 60 years ago by local man Peter Crawford from Llanarmon yn Il, with a hand held cine-camera.
39) Cine-camera push button: Operates the camera in the near edge of the port-side wing.
She watched scenes from her life on the black ceiling, cine-camera footage of a chubby five year old, brown skin, brown hair, dancing naked on a Marbella beach, a school photograph of a miserable teenager in a fat knotted tie, she watched herself sway to a Carpenters' song, Graeme's hands planted on the backside of her taffeta wedding gown, her father's face in the background, his eyes livid, the champagne in his belly sharp like fish bones.
The heroes of '67 made do with black and white cine-camera footage of Sammy Reid's winner.