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a fragment of incombustible matter left after a wood or coal or charcoal fire


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Thousands were evacuated near the volcano in Chile, and in neighboring Argentina, the cindery cloud closed roads and blanketed grazing pastures and a ski resort.
Death brings dust and ashes and "The cindery skull" that formed when the smoldering coal dust's "tarry/Coral cooled.
And who wanted to come home feeling pleasantly pious to find a husband with only blackened, cindery wisps of hair and eyebrows, hopping around on scalded feet, gibbering extremely impious phrases, poking a toasting fork into a cloud of steam, seeking the elusive sprout while the wide-eyed kids watched the comedy from the coal house?
I was glad that the cindery tip of his cigar glowed in the darkness that night and revealed his location, for I wanted to steer clear of him.
Rocks leap suddenly out the horizon like jagged Gaudi cathedrals and lava flows surround you - frozen seas coloured from burned red to dull cindery grey depending on the millennium of the eruption.