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a light concrete building block made with cinder aggregate

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Actually, all those cinderblock buildings were church plants.
This is especially valuable when walls are cinderblock, masonry or other difficult-to-modify surfaces.
A rat's teeth are harder than iron or steel, and are easily able to gnaw through substances including cinderblock and wood.
In a cold basement with a concrete floor and cinderblock walls, parishioners, huddled in winter coats, hats and scarves, expressed a plea to have their city seen beyond the violence.
They included a condemned 200-year-old house, two sheds, remnants of a third shed and a cinderblock building, a former chicken coop, a trailer and piles of electronic equipment, metal and wood debris as well as numerous containers.
There's no more of the old, windowless cinderblock schools of the '70s where kids felt, 'Oh, back to jail,'" said Joe Agron, editor-in-chief of American School & University, a school construction journal.
It has also been able to detect human breath from about 10 feet behind a cinderblock wall.
Sullivan had been on the phone, describing the weather conditions to a meteorologist, when the line went dead and the twister hit, tearing the wooden roof off the store and hurling Sullivan into a cinderblock wall.
Coney Island is "a mess hall of drunk lifeguards getting robbed under the boardwalk," Brooklynite kids hang out on "a cold April stickball street," in an Ohio prison "all you got is your word, your orange jumpsuit/your uncertifled mail"--these little bon mots appear and then vanish every few minutes, like a tropical lizard running in and out of holes in a cinderblock wall.
The project proposal calls for the demolition of a cinderblock structure currently occupying the site in order to construct 31 units of senior rental housing.
Cinderblock walls are lined with weights, tractor tires and kettle-bells.
I have been talked into adding gypsum and sulfur to counteract the lime that has been leaching out of the foundation of the cinderblock wall.
He is likely to be provided with a bare bunk bed, whitewashed cinderblock walls and a shared sink.
This place already has this neat little cinderblock building, with a perfect-sized, mesh-fenced area around it.
If I consciously will my hand to move, it does, and a cinderblock, falling on my foot, robustly affects my consciousness.