cinder block

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a light concrete building block made with cinder aggregate

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after she tripped over a cinder block that had been used as a doorstop while playing Pokemon Go, an addictive new game based on cute Nintendo characters like Squirtle and Pikachu.
The cinder block crashed into the windshield of a car in which Tiffany Becker, 30, was riding at 4:28 a.
A typical rifle barrel is a fairly stout piece of steel, and a cinder block is just cement, so I guess there's no great mystery about which should yield.
She said, 'No', and then he just grabbed a cinder block and swung it straight into her face.
On the way back to the hotel, Dad asked the driver to stop at a small building made of cinder blocks.
Cinder block is an unattractive building material at best and, even though these walls can be painted to cover blemishes and upgrade their look, painting alone won't do away with the institutional look.
Two decades ago, in 1985, Carl and his wife Brenda moved north from Whitewater to Fond du Lac after acquiring a piece of property consisting of a small cinder block building and some vacant land.
Brick, cinder block, fiberglass, and gypsum board most likely would be involved, and investigators should take representative samples of each material.
Her cinder block apartment is sparse and clean, and the red curtains create a rosy hue in the morning sunlight.
Ninety degree angles abound in this cinder block tower.
But there is another kind of death in the shacks of cardboard, scrap wood, or cinder block clinging precipitously to hillsides or dotting the barren desert and lacking potable water, sewers, or paved streets.
The sightlines of ceilings and doors off the Great Court may be skewed by the sloping surfaces of the ramps, but such basic materials as wood, cinder block, glass and acoustic panels give the interiors a subdued atmosphere.
Equipment: Four 4[inches] x 4[inches] boards, eight feet long, placed in a square atop four cinder blocks, one cinder block at each corner.
From a distance, the cinder block building near North Carolina's Piedmont Triad International Airport appears an unlikely epicenter for one of the largest computer crimes in history.