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Synonyms for cinder

a fragment of incombustible matter left after a wood or coal or charcoal fire


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You cannot imagine in what a mere twinkling of an eye their hot breath shrivels a young man into a black cinder.
But Jason had set his heart steadfastly on getting the Golden Fleece; and I positively doubt whether he would have gone back without it, even had he been certain of finding himself turned into a red-hot cinder, or a handful of white ashes, the instant he made a step farther.
Greatly encouraged at finding himself not yet turned into a cinder, the young man awaited the attack of the bulls.
I hope you have been considering the matter a little more wisely, and have concluded not to get yourself scorched to a cinder, in attempting to tame my brazen-lunged bulls.
Had you acted fairly, you would have been, at this instant, a black cinder, or a handful of white ashes.
I used to imagine them falling to the ground in showers of microscopic cinders as fast as they entered his whiskey-sodden aura.
The black slave overturned the pan in the middle of the room, and the fish were turned to cinders.
I was tired of school, tired of winter clothes, of the rutted streets, of the dirty drifts and the piles of cinders that had lain in the yards so long.
Had we burned to cinders aside and apart from the regular track of ships?
The litter was swept up from the carpet, and the cinders and ashes were taken out of the grate, and the whole of it was in the bucket, when her attention was recalled to the children by hearing one of them cry.
Ricardo Wilson, 50, of Cinder Bank in Netherton, Dudley, is charged with the murder of Claire Harris - who was found with serious injuries at their home on Wednesday, West Midlands Police said.
Tenders are invited for Construction of cinder athletic track
Cinder Ashok was 13 when his mum dies in a freak accident.
I wanted an herb bed on the rocky ground up by the greenhouse, but all I had was some old lumber, some cracked cinder blocks, and a broken washing machine.
Ross's Tory colleague Bill Bowman and Dogs Trust rescue dog Astra came second while the SNP's Richard Davidson and her dog Wilson Lochhead and Cinder were third.