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Synonyms for cincture

to encircle with or as if with a band

Synonyms for cincture

a band of material around the waist that strengthens a skirt or trousers

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Each parish has its own style--some with no special clothing, some in black cassocks with white "surplices" (over-shirts) on top, some in simple albs with a cincture (cord or belt) in the seasonal liturgical color.
Hovius feared for his life and hid in a wooden wardrobe as other members of the clergy were killed, at least one hanged by his own clerical cincture.
It is even prescribed "how many straws wide their cincture should be" (160, 541 "quot culmis latum cingulum").
He had never acquired or worn the monsignor's cassock with purple-piped buttonholes and the purple silk cincture that come with it, he said.
He was securing the cincture, an ornate cord he wore around his ample waist at Mass.
The 'gallery also includes some socially keen pieces: the Cuban Alejandro Aguilera's tribute to "El Che y Carlos Santana" (2006), merging the two mythic figures in a Rauschenberg-like combine; Yubi Kirindongo, a sculptor from Curacao, who uses chrome automobile bumpers, a la John Chamberlain, to forge "The Beast" (1991); and the Costa Rican Rafael Otton Solis QuirOs' powerful "Homage to Monsignor Romero" (1983), again resembling a Rauschenberg combine, with a red cincture indicating who suffered the violence the work so forcefully conveys.
Some items not thought about since my Catholic childhood of the '40s and '50s were present: AMICE, CINCTURE, Maniple - vestments as altar boy I handed to the priest in the sacristy before daybreak Mass.
When I have my alb on with cincture," she told Patty, "I look like a sack of flour with a rope tied around.
She resented the drill sergeant depiction of "Sister," a stout bag of blue serge held together with the low-slung leather cincture and rosary, and barking like a St.
The object lower left is a cincture with spikes that could ruin your day when it girded your loins.