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an alkaloid derivative of the bark of cinchona trees that is used as an antimalarial drug

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In addition, the quinone alkaloids cinchonine and quinine, two confirmed MDR reversal alkaloids were tested as well.
Its reversal activity is similar to that of cinchonine but higher than that of quinine in Caco-2 cells.
Phase I study of cinchonine, a multidrug resistance reversing agent, combined with the CHVP regimen in relapsed and refractory lymphoproliferative syndromes.
The inhibitory effect of cinchonine on human platelet aggregation due to blockage of calcium influx.
For instance, Cinchonine from Cinchona plants used to treat fever and malaria is often used in its natural and unrefined form (Trease and Evans, 1985), although some other herbal drugs have been refined by isolating their pure active principles.