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a hairlike projection from the surface of a cell

any of the short curved hairs that grow from the edges of the eyelids

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Specific abnormalities of cilium molecules, in turn, increase body weight, in some instances, by affecting the function of receptors for leptin, a hormone that suppresses appetite.
Unaccompanied and Pat Smullen draw clear of Cilium, with the disappointing St Nicholas Abbey (third right) behind
Given the fact that almost all proteins implicated in CDKs are at least partially localized in the renal cilium, its vital importance is emphasized and the notion that normal cilium structure and function are essential for renal development and maintenance is supported.
When a scent molecule is caught by a receptor, the nerve cell to which the cilium is attached sends a signal to the brain.
The researchers believe that the specific collection of proteins in each cilium, customized to the needs of each cell type, is determined by whether and how cilia keep proteins inside once they enter-not which ones they allow in initially.
Cilium, disappointing when favourite at Naas last time when she was reported to have become unbalanced, is worth another chance in the 7f three-year-old maiden (8.
Each cilium is dotted with receptors or tiny depressions, the shape of each one corresponding specifically to the shape of the molecules of one group of odours (eg floral or musk).
Most cells in our body project a single, non-moving cilium used as a tiny antenna for detecting chemical and physical stimuli.
They found that these mutations lead to malfunctions in a protein called Tectonic1, one of several that forms a crucial collar around the base of a cilium.
The cilium is crucial as it is involved with cell signalling pathways during cell development in different parts of the body.
Working in collaboration with many ciliopathy labs worldwide, Davis sequenced a gene, TTC21B, known to be a critical component of the primary cilium, an antenna-like projection critical to cell function.