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membranous tissue covering internal organs and other internal surfaces of the body

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Ciliated epithelium participates in the mucociliary clearance and expresses P -tubulin on the surface (Tompkins et al.
The epithelial lining of branchial cleft cysts varies, ranging from a combination of stratified squamous epithelium and columnar ductal epithelium to a pattern of columnar ciliated epithelium with goblet cells and no squamous epithelium.
The penis is typified by being a muscular organ with circular, longitudinal, and radial to oblique muscle fibers; it is lined externally by a pseudostratified cylindrical ciliated epithelium (Fig.
The lumen of the 2 primary bronchi contained mixtures of red blood cells (RBCs), sloughed pseudostratified ciliated epithelium, variable numbers of goblet cells, dense eosinophilic material, and scattered bacteria.
Disturbances of the ciliated epithelium due to influenza virus.
7) The lower respiratory tract contains ciliated epithelium from the trachea to the respiratory bronchioles.
The foot sole of crawling gastropods contains both smooth muscle and ciliated epithelium, making it a unique model for investigating the function of these tissues.
2) HPV has a predilection for the junction between squamous and ciliated epithelium, with disease occurring most commonly on the true vocal folds.
Ciliated epithelium of conducting airways consists of several distinct cell types with different functions, but the roles of specific cell types in virus replication have not been defined.
5,6) In the esophagus, this ciliated epithelium is interpreted as the remnant of the original embryonic endodermal epithelium.
In the present study Histopathological examination of the specimen revealed that in patients of sino nasal polyps Ciliated epithelium was seen in 27(58.