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Synonyms for ciliate

a protozoan with a microscopic appendage extending from the surface of the cell

of or relating to cilia projecting from the surface of a cell

of or relating to the human eyelash


having a margin or fringe of hairlike projections


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Clockwise from mushroom at bottom: Amanita muscaria, giant panda, Desmaretla, Euglena, Giardia, Trichomonas, star sand foram, Allogromia foram, Globigerina foram, Colpidium ciliates, Stentor, dinoflagellate, Coscinodiscus, Stephanodiscus, giant kelp, Gephyrocapsa, Ceratolithus, Phaeocystis, Magnolia, Galaxaura red seaweed, Scenedesmus green algae, Entamoeba, Tubulifera slime mold, Chaos amoeba, SOURCE: A.
Fish and other aquatic biota that were commonly used as bioindicators of persistent organic pollutants [22] have been replaced in recent years successfully by ciliates [12].
Labrum with 4/5,5,4 setae; prelabral setae ciliate, all labral setae smooth; medial trio on first row longer than all other setae; internal labral papillae at most with 2 very small projections, lateral papil lae triangular or rounded but smooth.
Diagnosis (based on Ethiopian specimens): body size 315-332 x 182-199; rostrum rounded; rostral setae ciliate, longer than smooth lamellar and interlamellar setae; sensilli long, with elongate lanceolate, indistinctly barbed head; interbothridial region with three pairs of muscle sigillae; notogastral setae c represented by alveoli, other setae of medium size, thin, slightly barbed; anogenital setae of medium size, similar in length, smooth.
Primers specific for ciliate small-subunit ribosomal DNA (SSU rDNA)(Dopheide, A.
Ciliates Single-celled organisms with a complex internal structure that move by the beating of many short hair- like projections on the surface of the cell.
citriodorum, heracleum, Leafy Paris, panax japonicus, notoginseng, litsea cubeba, Galeola lindleyana, Mongolian snakegourd, Baijiegu, dendrobium, Xianxi'eyu, riparian greenbrier, lily of the yantze valley, root of subprostrate sophora, rattlesnake plantain, begonia fimbristipula Hance, Panshegui, spreading hedyotis herb, Morrison knotweed, Sarcandra Glabra, Folium Pyrrosiae, ciliate bugle, field-balm, moonwort and snakeroot etc.
Stems 40-100 cm tall, 1-4 mm wide, trigonous, glabrous to ciliate on the ridges.
Swertia ciliate Chiraito, Kalo Decoction of plant is given to (D.
On the other hand, among the abundant or common genera, which are less likely to be overlooked, Tribbey found the green alga Ankistrodesmus and the ciliate Uronema, neither of which were recorded in 2010.
Sphyrna lewini had a pseudostratified ciliate epithelium with sperm aggregation (Fig.
Leaves alternate, sparse to densely imbricate; sessile to clasping; blades linear, subulate, oblanceolate to spathulate, pinnately, three-veined, or with a conspicuous central vein, margin entire, ciliate to dentate, glabrous to densely pubescent.
ciliate is used for inflammation, hypertension, headache, rheumatism, gonorrhea and bronchopulmonary diseases.
Effect of multipurpose tree (MPT) supplements on ruminal ciliate protozoa.