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Synonyms for cilium

a hairlike projection from the surface of a cell

any of the short curved hairs that grow from the edges of the eyelids

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In cases where they do mature, however, RPE maturation coincides with the emergence of primary cilia on the iPSC-RPE cells.
The patients ciliopathy was associated with mutations of cilia gene CEP290.
But Mr Cilia said Lam was not angry and he could not understand why he would open fire on his colleagues at a morning meeting on Wednesday.
The sensitive cilia are designed to respond to an increase in mucus brought on by a cold or allergies.
The flop happened only once during the period of observation of the tissue preparation, and occurred without any visible changes in the activity of balancers, ciliated groove cilia, bridge cilia (see 3), or waves on the dome cilia (see 4).
Erica, Cilia and Glennie have all achieved incredible success in their chosen industries and we applaud their achievements.
In the filings, Campo initially indicated to DEA agents that the cocaine deal was to fund the congressional campaign of Cilia, wife of Venezuelan President NicolAaAaAeA s Madur
Millions of cilia on the surface of specialized cells inside our body literally make this a hairy affair.
Normal versions of those eight genes are necessary for primary cilia to pick up signals sent by an important protein called hedgehog.
Later imprisoned for this, Chavez was the man who introduced Maduro to Cilia Flores and eventually converted them both to his ideology.
It is suggested that the immobility of nodal cilia inhibits the flow of extra-embryonic fluid during the embryonic period which manifests later as situs inversus.
The research, conducted at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), found that a slight regulation in the length of primary cilia, small hair-like projections found on most cells, prevented the production of fat cells from human stem cells taken from adult bone marrow.
Recent research has found that many conditions including kidney disease, blindness, problems with bones and obesity can be caused by defects in primary cilia.
Nose hairs or olfactory cilia in the anterior nasal passage of each nostril are one of your body's first lines of defense against harmful environmental pathogens such as germs, fungus and spores.
The immotility is due to a variety of ultrastructural defects in respiratory cilia and sperm tail.