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Synonyms for cilium

a hairlike projection from the surface of a cell

any of the short curved hairs that grow from the edges of the eyelids

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Now, her official name is Mrs Cilia Flores de Maduro.
Later imprisoned for this, Chavez was the man who introduced Maduro to Cilia Flores and eventually converted them both to his ideology.
Forewing ground color white; costal margin smooth, brown; barely falcate at apex; subbasal fascia gray and weakly marked; antemedial fascia light color and broad; medial fascia dark color and rather broad; postmedial fascia dark color, broad and slight excurved in middle; subterminal fascia slender, grayish brown; cilia short, grayish white.
Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD) is a rare genetic disorder which results in defective motile cilia within the human airway.
Cilia and colleagues, who began treating people with Parkinson's in Ghana as part of a humanitarian effort, realized that those patients offered a way to study how Parkinson's progresses in the absence of the drug.
4x as long as wide, faintly infuscated and with fine and dense microtrichia; marginal cilia absent.
semihyalinum Buhl, 2011, in Buhl's (20116) key, but that species has more slender antennae, conformation of scutellum very different with a much smaller scutellar tooth, rather long marginal cilia on fore wings, and longer and more flattened metasoma.
AMT Convention Staff--l-r: Sheryl Junius, Kathy Cilia, Jon Pfisterer, Janet Rosenberg, Mark Garcia, Diane Powell, Janine Fetro, Linda Halblander
CARACAS (CyHAN)- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his longtime companion Cilia Flores married in a civil ceremony on Tuesday, HuffingtonPost.
Primary cilia are antennae-like structures found on the surface of nearly all cells in the human body.
Cilia are microscopic hair-like projections inside the lungs that cover most of our airways, they are crucial for the proper functioning of the lungs.
Washington, May 13 ( ANI ): Johns Hopkins scientists have unearthed clues about which protein signaling molecules are allowed into hollow, hair-like "antennae," called cilia, that alert cells to critical changes in their environments.
Michelle Cilia and Stewart Gray, ARS scientists at the Robert W.
Hair-like extensions of epithelial cells called cilia then propel the mucus out of our airways and get rid of these dangerous particles.
It turns out that ADPKD is due to a mutation in a gene that directs the synthesis of a protein found in the cell membrane, which is a critical component of the primary cilia.