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small cigar or cigarette wrapped in tobacco instead of paper

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We are also seeing two significant growth drivers, Mini Cigarillos and pre-priced Natural Leaf Cigarillos," she says.
The newly disclosed footage shows Brown handing a small item to one of the store's clerks and then taking a shopping bag containing cigarillos.
Mighty has captured 20 percent of the local cigarette market and the lead in the cigarillos market.
Availability of Wide Varieties of Flavored Cigars & Cigarillos Is Increasingly Fueling Their Demand among Young Adults, Thereby Supporting the Market Growth"
2% of total market volume in 2014, with classic cigars and cigarillos forming just 30.
Per capita consumption of Cigars and Cigarillos is quite high in France, although it shows a downward trend since 2004.
The company has been the leading player in cigars excluding cigarillos in Georgia for a long time and it was one of the pioneers in terms of selling cigars in Georgia.
Thus, the objectives of this first-blush analysis were to characterize cigarillo use, initiation, and co-use; and to explore beliefs regarding the health implications consequent to cigarillo use in a small sample of Canadian young adults prior to the implementation of federal restrictions (10) on the sale of single and flavoured cigarillos.
Swisher International redesigned the packaging for its Optimo Cigarillos brand.
Main items of export from Bulgaria to Iran include phosphorus fertilizers, cigars and cigarillos, winches, chemical pulp, chipboards and food products.
Levac also co-sponsored the Smoke-Free Amendment Act on cigarillos which was made into law in 2008.
CANADA--long a difficult jurisdiction for the tobacco sector--became tougher still on July 5, when a national ban on manufacturing and selling most flavoured cigarettes, cigarillos and blunt wraps came into force.
This was in reaction to an investigation proving that it was a easy thing for a 15-year-old teenager to buy flavored cigarillos on the Kahnawake and Kanesatake reserves.
BALTIMORE -- Small cigars known as cigarillos, snus, and electronic nicotine delivery systems appeal to young people and are marketed to them, underscoring the need for far more data on their associated health risks, experts emphasized at the annual meeting of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco.