cigarette lighter

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a lighter for cigars or cigarettes

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The court heard how Connorton was searched, and officers found what initially looked like a cigarette lighter but upon closer inspection they found a blade concealed inside the item.
A MAN is to stand trial accused of pulling cigarette lighters out of his backside and hurling them at medics.
The hi-speed charging input in the cigarette lighter port is 14V/10A that charges 5-6 times quicker than the average input of 5V/2A for traditional wall charging.
IMARC's latest study "Cigarette Lighter Manufacturing Plant Project Report: Industry Trends, Manufacturing Process, Machinery, Raw Materials, Cost and Revenue" provides a techno-commercial roadmap for setting up a cigarette lighter manufacturing plant.
The mother denied three counts of child cruelty, which included pressing the hot end of a cigarette lighter into her baby's cheek to brand her in May 2012.
The 80-year-old maker of iconic cigarette lighters celebrated its 500th million lighter rolling off a factory line last June.
30pm on November 28, last year, the boy, who had gone missing from home, went into the porch of the care home to keep warm and started playing with a cigarette lighter.
I must be one of the only people in Britain powered by their cigarette lighter," the Sun quoted 50-year-old Marshal as saying.
The hearing was simply told the fire was started by someone playing with a cigarette lighter.
Mervin, an inventive individual, devised an electric baby-bottle warmer that could be plugged into an automobile dashboard like a cigarette lighter.
A WOMAN who flicked her cigarette lighter two or three times to check it was working ended up igniting a stream of invisible vapour which burst into flames.
The TuneCast Auto reportedly lets the users listen to the music from T9 through their car's FM radio, at the same time powering and charging it through the car's cigarette lighter.
A MAN who threatened to shoot a group of teenagers with a gunshaped cigarette lighter has been has been jailed for 16 months.
A GROUP of army officers were trapped inside a courtroom for an hour yesterday amid a security scare sparked by a cigarette lighter.
A lost couple were found in a woodland with the help of a mobile phone and a cigarette lighter.