cigarette holder

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a tube that holds a cigarette while it is being smoked

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Garbo great-nephew Derek Reisfield is aboard the Queen Mary 2 and will auction off the items, including a cigarette holder, an ashtray, an umbrella, scarves and a signed check made out to the New York Telephone Company, the New York Post reported.
A traditionally styled one might be just the touch for a Humphrey Bogart or Joan Crawford costume, while a more snazzy style could resemble an old fashioned cigarette holder.
For most of his 12 years in office, he was shown as vigorous and smiling, his cigarette holder held at a jaunty angle.
After a series of informal brainstorming sessions where I brought in an old Andy Warhol cigarette holder and several drawings that I had done, things got a bit more serious," Rossellini joked at the launch in Paris.
The Zerostyle Mint looks somewhat like a cigarette holder, with a black body and a tapered mouthpiece with a removable cap.
Jim's lovely wife, Keven, modestly accepted compliments about their collection, while - over the squeals of kids running between them - Jim offered self-deprecating anecdotes of how he had come to know the two artists, stories he delivered in mumbles and with hand gestures while gripping an elegant ebony cigarette holder in his teeth.
He was a white-haired man in a gray suit, sitting in my kitchen with a cigarette holder in his hand.
Posters and framed photographs show the puffing styles of Paul Newman, Winston Churchill, Che Guevara, Groucho Marx, Sid James and, inevitably, Audrey Hepburn in that classic pose with cigarette holder.
Choose from the plug and play Bluetooth kits for dhs395 (just plug into your cigarette holder and clip onto your sun visor) or the more upmarket permanent kits with caller ID and longer talk time for dhs795.
Only smoking - he gets through 30 a day - can be enjoyed on his own, with a special cigarette holder.
All I need is a cocktail glass in one hand and a cigarette holder in the other.
It was trained by the eccentric John Meacock, who invariably dressed in gumboots, macintosh, pork pie hat and a check waistcoat, down which ash dropped from his cigarette holder.
Consider his Cigarette Holder, 1990, a wall-based sculpture of cigarette butts "roach-clipped" to twists and curves of wire, as a response to Richard Tuttle's wire pieces.
But even though she ditched Audrey's cigarette holder, Katherine still looks smoking hot