cigarette holder

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a tube that holds a cigarette while it is being smoked

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Caption: Peck with his trademark Korean ginseng cigarette holder, circa 1995
Glammed up like she'd just stepped off the Orient Express, she seemed apt to flounce in at any moment, cigarette holder in hand, declaring: "I killed her
Once Wallace hit it big, he cut a flamboyant figure, chain-smoking cigarettes from his trademark 10-inch long cigarette holder and being chauffeur-driven round London in a yellow Rolls-Royce.
The Bullets Over Broadway plot, set in 1929, concerns a struggling young playwright, a gangster with a knack for drama and an actress girlfriend, and one of the most delicious divas ever to bite down on a cigarette holder.
Put on your best flapper dress or gangster suit, grab a long cigarette holder and dance to live music by the Calamity Jazz band.
News channels showed footage of him riding into a television interview on the back of a camel, grasping the reins in one hand and an ebony cigarette holder in the other.
Nowadays, even Audrey Hepburn's elegant cigarette holder balanced so delicately between her fingers would not be so welcome.
Senator Dick Durban delivered a tribute to her on the Senate floor, saying that "The Illinois political scene will not be the same without that pool-shooting Sox fan with a cigarette holder, but generations of Illinois women can thank the indomitable force of Dawn Clark Netsch for blazing their path.
When women from aristocratic lineage took to that long cigarette holder at the end of a delicately gloved arm, it perhaps stood as a visible metaphor for a woman's transition from being dominated to becoming assertive.
For most of his 12 years in office, he was shown as vigorous and smiling, his cigarette holder held at a jaunty angle.
The Zerostyle Mint looks somewhat like a cigarette holder, with a black body and a tapered mouthpiece with a removable cap.
Jim's lovely wife, Keven, modestly accepted compliments about their collection, while - over the squeals of kids running between them - Jim offered self-deprecating anecdotes of how he had come to know the two artists, stories he delivered in mumbles and with hand gestures while gripping an elegant ebony cigarette holder in his teeth.
He was a white-haired man in a gray suit, sitting in my kitchen with a cigarette holder in his hand.
Posters and framed photographs show the puffing styles of Paul Newman, Winston Churchill, Che Guevara, Groucho Marx, Sid James and, inevitably, Audrey Hepburn in that classic pose with cigarette holder.