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tapering at each end

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B: Tumour composed of spindle-shaped cells with cigar-shaped nuclei.
Mike Bedward zoomed in on the flecks of |light in his photograph of the rainbow to reveal cigar-shaped obects and a strange vapour trail
It's a large French colony between Australia and Fiji consisting on a single cigar-shaped high island and a chain of low tropical islands to the east.
Furthermore, MUFON's database of 2012 sightings included discs, triangles, boomerangs, cigar-shaped craft and much more besides.
My vote went to the rich parfait presented in what looked like a perfect, glossy green apple, while my partner dug the crispy cigar-shaped goat's cheese on a bed of beetroot.
The cigar-shaped structure has a steel frame with circular floor plans and a glass facade with diamond-shaped panels.
Sampson posted a shot of the rusty cigar-shaped device on her Twitter feed on Friday.
Perhaps, she says, reworking those theories will make it easier to generate something like a cigar-shaped halo piercing the heart of the galaxy.
Unlike the Predator - a cigar-shaped aircraft with distinct wings and a tail - the RQ-170 looks like more like a boomerang, with few sharp angles or protruding pieces to spot.
Along the sides of its cigar-shaped body it sprouts about half a dozen propellers.
What nickname has been given to the cigar-shaped office tower in the City of London designed by Lord Foster?
The cigar-shaped birds' stay in Eugene can be as brief as a night, says Lamster, explaining that the swifts are headed south, migrating to warmer locales for the winter.
HVAR is a cigar-shaped Adriatic island about 35 miles long and barely seven wide at its thickest.
5 feet-long cigar-shaped craft that had a periscope and a compressed air tank.
Earlier prototypes have already reached higher altitudes than any of today's traditional cigar-shaped blimps and hold current altitude world records for airships.