cigar butt

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small part of a cigar that is left after smoking

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On one of our visits we found that the Americans, who used to mount sentry duties during their stay in the barracks, had left behind some cigar butts and, as inquisitive lads do, we had a few puffs - the first time I ever went green.
I don't know why anyone would think of picking up a cigar butt, but I am pleased he did.
Alan said: "The President left a huge cigar butt on the edge of the bath.
Midfielder Joey Barton only narrowly avoided the sack and was heavily fined after burning team-mate Jamie Tandy's eyelid with a cigar butt in a city centre nightclub.
JOEY BARTON was fined pounds 90,000 by Manchester City in December 2004 for stubbing a cigar butt into colleague Jamie Tandy's eye at a Christmas party.
A CIGAR butt tossed from a car sparked the Mont Blanc tunnel inferno that killed 39 people, it was revealed yesterday.
Under the Cigarette Waste BrigadeA program, cigarette related waste including butts, cigar butts, ash, used and unused cigarette filters, rolling paper, inner foil packaging and outer plastic packaging will be recycled into a range of useful plastic products, like delivery pallets, and any tobacco or paper that remains will be composted.
All he could see was a smashed window, blood-stained floor, cigar butts, takeaway cartons, a bath full of empty cans and bottles of booze and a discarded fire extinguisher
The transcripts reveal Brady then banged his fist so hard on the table, the ashtray bounced into the air and scattered cigar butts over the floor.
I am definitely going to start saving my old cigar butts ready for the next budding artist.
The money, including tips, was great, I was living with my family and I used to dob the cigar butts from the ashtrays, beginning a lifelong love affair with Havana.
As he came through the window he shone his bull's eye lantern on the long table and saw ashtrays over-filled with cigar butts, the remains of various dishes on silver plates, and several bottles containing various quantitiesof red wine.
The thrill of a breaking story, any breaking story, is easy to understand, and so is the dynamic that keeps CNN and MSNBC, the 24-hour news channels, along with the tabloids, scraping the bottoms of all accessible barrels for cigar butts.
One can see him also in terms of the unofficial laureate, measuring out his life not with coffee spoons but with gun and cigar butts, and the talking was of MacAndrew not Michelangelo.