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a box for holding cigars

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Cigar box guitars started out just the way they sound, Alaniz said.
The captain's cigar box was found earlier this month in Southport - with the owner unaware of its historical significance.
DOOMED: The RMS Titanic SKIPPER: Edward Smith COSTLY: The cigar box which belonged to the captain of the Titanic
The exhibit includes mixed-media assemblage, scrap-wood and metal sculptures, collage, cigar box guitars and vessels made of natural materials.
But this weekend I've taken a notion for a wine that can offer a really unique (I think anyway) blend of that kind of cigar box spice and fruit.
In the letters which accompany the cigar, Mrs Churchill writes: "I hope the purchaser of this cigar box will find added pleasure in that it has helped to enrich my Red Cross Aid to Russia Fund.
This amazing four-CD set, wryly packaged in a cigar box, is an exhaustively researched compendium of a half-century of musical and rhythmic innovation.
The dream of beautiful natural colors displayed via LCD technology is now achievable through an LCD projector the size of a cigar box.
You might do if you were offered one out of the cigar box once owned by the Captain of the Titanic.
Highlights include local fundraising bluesman Jerry Zybach on a cigar box guitar, the Conjugal Visitors playing `Appalachian twang' with washtub bass and washboard, and the Tin Can Band.
HOT ITEMS: Cigar box, hotline telephone, and sunglasses; TIMELESS: Kennedy's watch; EASY MONEY: Wallet with embossed initial; HISTORIC: John and Jackie's passports (above) and his presidential ring (left); LIFT OFF: The rocket money box; GRUESOME: The bloodstained envelope; MEMORY: JFK and engraved signet ring
At the age of seven, he began playing a guitar that his father, a tenant farmer, had made from a cigar box, a broomstick and baling wire.
A CIGAR box that belonged to the captain of the Titanic was discovered gathering dust on top of a bedroom cabinet in Merseyside.
He also makes his own wooden cigar box guitars; he puts a guitar pickup in them so he can plug them in.
A caller would pull numbered discs from a cigar box, and players would mark their cards with dried beans, yelling "Beano