cigar band

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a narrow paper band around a cigar

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As a young man in the 1920s, Jack pillaged the trash bins behind saloons and in the alleys of west Denver for colorful cigar bands.
Now cigar bands are all pretty drab, which makes the old ones pretty valuable.
A 25-piece Black Eagle set of presidential portrait cigar bands sold for $200 in 1985.
Stern (value $2 million) set in white gold; -- Richard Tyler: Vintage brooches, hat pins, 19th century diamond chokers and a tiara (value $2 million) from Fred Leighton; -- Zang Toi: In excess of $5 million worth of diamond line bracelets, brooches and Deco style cigar band rings from diamond.
But the swap meet has an excellent reputation, according to Myron Freedman, who was the president of the recently disbanded International Seal, Label and Cigar Band Society.
The cigar band design features an obvious yet tasteful representation of revelations from the recent Starr report and can be viewed on the website.
Along with a proprietary tapered and punted bottle design, the package includes a cigar band label at the neck and an adhesive top-dot label which covers the cork.
The classics, Kuba Kuba and Blondie, will continue to be offered in their traditional infusions with their signature blue cigar bands.
For example, napkin rings can be made of paper, shaped more or less like cigar bands.
The image is as perfect as the playwright would have wished it to be, and it fits perfectly into a fascinating text as Sherwood launches into description of cigar bands - nothing special to you or I, but damning if you were part of the Edwardian social elite and had happened to have purchased you cigars from the wrong shop
The seized counterfeit cigars featured cigar bands displaying the word COHIBA[R] and "Republica Dominicana" and were packaged in various styles of wooden boxes which also displayed the COHIBA[R] mark.
Dan Carr, president of General Cigar said, "The seizure of counterfeit COHIBA cigars yesterday represents a clear victory in General Cigar's fight to protect our cigar bands from counterfeiters and trademark infringers.