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Synonyms for cider

a beverage made from juice pressed from apples

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Being a hardened reporter, and it being apparently a public inn, I did not need to summon much of my impudence to sit down at the long table and order some cider.
No, you'd hate it," she said, pushing her glass towards him for some more cider.
He felt like a blow on his chest, but said only: "Go, draw me some cider.
But afterwards, when a black soutane darkened his doorway, he did not object; even offered some cider himself to the priest.
In the lower windows, which were decorated with curtains of a saffron hue, dangled two or three printed cards, bearing reference to Devonshire cider and Dantzic spruce, while a large blackboard, announcing in white letters to an enlightened public, that there were 500,000 barrels of double stout in the cellars of the establishment, left the mind in a state of not unpleasing doubt and uncertainty as to the precise direction in the bowels of the earth, in which this mighty cavern might be supposed to extend.
Common Cider varieties are light and crisp, naturally low in sugar and gluten-free.
The firm said it hoped the Alcester Road bar would draw "inquisitive cider drinkers".
Mr Hogan added: "The thinking behind the bar was to showcase a wide range of interesting ciders alongside some old favourites and with a range of close to 25 traditional, keg and a delicious hot mulled cider there really is something for all cider lovers.
The reason there's much growth in cider is because there was so little there to begin with," points out Phil Kuhl.
Whilst there isn't much cider production in the North of England, it doesn't mean that there aren't a huge number of cider fans.
The company, which started making Welsh farmhouse cider in 2001, won the gold medal for its Two Trees Perry.
Our cider has been very strong in Australia, so America was the next logical move.
Hopped Apple features Woodchuck's original small batch hard cider blended with Cascade hops after fermentation.
Although cider can be made from other fruits, including pears, apples are the traditional and most popular choice.