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a beverage made from juice pressed from apples

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Sometimes a discussion on ciders and flax, always couched in the same terms, and returning at the same time of year, was continued on the homeward way.
The cider is "made with heirloom apples, and that's a commodity that isn't easy to get anymore with the hard cider craze," Owner Paula Frederick said.
The aroma is of musty apples and a slight farmyard tinge, the yeast that ferments apple juice into cider gives the distinctive aroma.
The name raises more than the odd smile when solicitor turned cider maker Julian Gaskin lays out his stall at Saltburn Farmers' Market every month.
A Mac Ivors Medium Cider had been left over from a previous soiree at mine, and was likely destined for a nice sauce with roast pork.
The Minnesota cider industry is very young, with the majority of cider makers launching their businesses within the last four years," says Gretchen Perbix, guild president.
We don't have the orchards like they have in the Pacific Northwest, and we don't have the warehouse space where they can store a year's worth of apples," says Jennifer Seiwald, owner of Scrumpy's Hard Cider Bar in Fort Collins.
Whatever type of cider drinker you are, the Craft Cider Fest has you covered.
It showcases an intricate balance between the sweetness and acidity of culinary apples and the tannins of traditional cider making apples.
Bulmers cider entered the market after seeing the success of Somersby
The firm said it hoped the Alcester Road bar would draw "inquisitive cider drinkers".
Mr Hogan added: "The thinking behind the bar was to showcase a wide range of interesting ciders alongside some old favourites and with a range of close to 25 traditional, keg and a delicious hot mulled cider there really is something for all cider lovers.
The company, which started making Welsh farmhouse cider in 2001, won the gold medal for its Two Trees Perry.
Our cider has been very strong in Australia, so America was the next logical move.