cichlid fish

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freshwater fishes of tropical America and Africa and Asia similar to American sunfishes

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Morphometrics and allometry in the trophically polymorphic cichlid fish, Cichlasoma citrinellum: alternative adaptations and ontogenetic changes in shape.
Okada and his colleagues had previously shown that cichlid fish in Lake Victoria's shallow waters are bathed in bluer light, while the turbid water of the lake predominantly lets redder light filter down to fish living in deeper water.
Distance-to-cover and the escape decisions of an African cichlid fish, Melanochromis chipokae.
I have never thought much about vervet monkeys, cichlid fish or vampire bats and certainly did not expect to read about them in relation to workplace contracts.
These ritualized contests can involve displays of weaponry, postures that accentuate body size, and minor physical contact (such as pushing, touching or wrestling) (Huntingford & Turner 1987; cichlid fish, Neat et al.
Growing up in Panama, where his parents were in the US military, he became used to seeing anacondas sliding past and exotic birds flying overhead Since then Haynes has become a modern day Dr Dolittle and at one point had 12 turtles, two tortoises, a boa constrictor plus 14 African cichlid fish he kept in a huge tank.
The physiology of digestion of blue-green algae in the cichlid fish Tilapia nilotica.
The book contains a great deal of research into animal and primate behavior, some of which illuminates Goldstein's larger arguments, but it is hard to see how an analysis of the behavior of wrasse and cichlid fish enhances our understanding of gender and warfare in human societies.
Want to see a cichlid fish, an aardvark or meet Charlie, the ground hornbill and camp mascot?
The Great Lakes of East Africa's Rift Valley are home to hundreds of small, colorful cichlid fish species, the type popular in home aquaria.
In the corner stands a 10-gallon tank of Nicaraguan cichlid fish, whose scales have cells that move rapidly, a process Theriot is now studying.
More recent studies using two cichlid fish species of the Amazon evaluated the effects of acute exposure to low pH.
Using cutting-edge techniques, the applicant will characterize DNA methylation variation within and among the sympatric species of a recently discovered endemic cichlid fish radiation in Lake Massoko, Tanzania.
More than 800 species of small, colorful cichlid fish live in the lake, which serves the aquarium trade worldwide.