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a guide who conducts and informs sightseers

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Mr Turnbull, who has written other Cicerone guides, describes Loch Lomond and the Trossachs as the "beginning of the big hills of the Scottish Highlands".
The first five correct entries drawn win a Cicerone guide of their choice (please state preference on entry), er at geog.
In 1989, after positions at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and as director of the Atmospheric Chemistry Division at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Cicerone moved to the University of California, Irvine (UCI), to found the Earth System Science Department.
Manuela ejercio de entregada cicerone para su chico, cinco anos mayor que ella, que estaba encantado con su parejaa, a quien miraba embelesado.
The judging panel will include Chef Mario Batali; Thurman Thomas, NFL Pro Football Hall of Famer; Anne Becerra, Certified Cicerone, Writer, and Beer Director for Treadwell Park; Mary Izett, Co-host of Fuhmentaboudit
Se le Istorie del Machiavelli rappresentavano l'applicazione dei precetti liviani alla realta contemporanea, il De interpretatione recta di Bruni costituisce quel trattato di natura manualistica che ne Cicerone, ne Quintiliano avevano scritto, la cui autorita era infatti destinata a soppiantare quella degli auctores.
And all of the servers and beer tenders will be Cicerone certified.
Jonathan Williams, who works for the book's publisher Cicerone, said: "I am intrigued and impressed to hear that Theresa May presented Angela Merkel with a copy.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 20, 2016-Rangeford Resources reports an increase and extension of credit facility with Cicerone
The bar's master mixologist Jeff Josehans, also a Certified Cicerone and Level II Sommelier, in June launched his "Around the World in Five Drinks" cocktail menu.
We provided leadership in the past on emerging, controversial new areas of genetic research, such as human embryonic stem cell research (and) human cloning," NAS President Ralph Cicerone and IOM President Victor Dzau said in a joint statement.
con riferimento alla cosiddetta quercia mariana dalla quale, in agro arpinate, si era involata l'aquila nunzia dei futuri successi militari di Mario, evento celebrato da Cicerone stesso nel Marius (12).
With funding from the Office of Naval Research, the researchers built a two-photon microscopy system and, in collaboration with Marcus Cicerone at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, employed his innovative technique known as Broadband Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering to delineate the two different phases of the barnacle cyprid adhesive plaque.
Adicionalmente, Cicerone, Levin, Malec, Stuss y Whyte (2006) afirman que el concepto de funciones ejecutivas es "ambiguo" y plantean un esquema a partir de cuatro dominios que facilitan la organizacion de los programas existentes para la intervencion en estas capacidades.