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a linear unit of the size of type slightly larger than an em

a Roman statesman and orator remembered for his mastery of Latin prose (106-43 BC)

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But if Antony is looking ambitiously for war against Rome, Cicero wants peace in this volatile city and attacks Antony mercilessly in the Senate as a traitor.
Though each has a different scope and focus, Cicero figures prominently in both.
Curiously, Cicero does not show that same worry about Caerellia.
Prior to KBW, Cicero served as global head of the Financial Institutions Group with Jefferies (NYSE: JEF) for five years.
Reportedly, Cicero has carried out a second opinion on Aligera Holding's existing corporate bond of SEK500m maturing on 7 May 2019.
8) This combination is, for Cicero, the enemy within the res publica, which indeed, in the absence of any other substantive external opponent, is the only real enemy that threatens the ancestral Roman polity and, in this sense, the identity and existence of Rome.
occurring in more suburban and rural areas among white males and females," Cicero told (http://www.
In a remarkable and slightly sarcastic answer, Cicero said he was ashamed for not bearing his grief as Rufus, a man of such wise counsel, had recommended, but the dictatorship of Caesar had taken away the honor and distinction previously available to men from his class; in the chaotic world of Roman Republican politics, Cicero's political fortunes rose and fell, but his home and family provided solace, especially Tullia, "one in whose conversation and sweet ways, I put aside all cares and sorrows" (Friends 249 [IV.
Cicero provides desktop activity intelligence and improvement software that enables companies to monitor people, processes, and technology, to identify areas for improvement, and to implement change using existing technologies.
Cicero packs a versatile range of competitive events where 2500 students from over 50 schools tested themselves against the very best from other prestigious schools.
On the pages of De Finibus human morality has three different roots: 1) human being is an animal--a part of the nature--in the concept of oikeiosis (see Cicero 1967: III.
Sara Rubinelli, Ars Topica: The Classical Technique of Constructing Arguments from Aristotle to Cicero.
In this Article I want to examine, all too briefly, the contribution of the Roman statesman and moral philosopher Cicero to the question of human rights.
Esta designacao (alumnus), porem, no contexto em que se insere, parece significar 'pupilo', nao uma crianca que Cicero teria criado em sua casa (9), pelo que as duvidas persistem; nao se sabe se Tirao teria nascido em casa do seu senhor, se teria sido uma crianca exposta que Cicero recolheu, ou, simplesmente, se teria sido comprado como escravo (seruus) (10).
Our customers are already using Cicero XM Discovery to identify process issues related to using desktop applications.