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a linear unit of the size of type slightly larger than an em

a Roman statesman and orator remembered for his mastery of Latin prose (106-43 BC)

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Cicero states it very clearly: his loss was irreparable both for the affairs of Rome and the Latin letters.
occurring in more suburban and rural areas among white males and females," Cicero told (http://www.
Top Modi aide Amit Shah has spearheaded the campaign to revive the BJP's fortunes in the state; the Cicero Opinion Poll says the efforts have paid off.
In a remarkable and slightly sarcastic answer, Cicero said he was ashamed for not bearing his grief as Rufus, a man of such wise counsel, had recommended, but the dictatorship of Caesar had taken away the honor and distinction previously available to men from his class; in the chaotic world of Roman Republican politics, Cicero's political fortunes rose and fell, but his home and family provided solace, especially Tullia, "one in whose conversation and sweet ways, I put aside all cares and sorrows" (Friends 249 [IV.
Lo Cicero represents some of the most prominent brick-and-mortar and on-line retailers in the country in patent disputes relating to the enterprise's e-commerce, mobile and point of sale systems.
Since Cicero asserts the superiority of the mixed constitution against Tacitus' assertion of its impracticality, Adams has resort to Cicero's De Republica for definitions, and expresses his regret that the dialogue was lost.
Some of them were written by more inventive authors, than Cicero, whose merits are mainly in the preservation of philosophical opinions, whose primary sources have lost, and a great step in the invention of the Latin vocabulary of Greek philosophy.
Whether it is Kali or Clodia, the village pundit or Cicero, descriptions mean only because they are invested with a certain amount of cultural capital.
These vectors are helpful to the reader insofar as they indicate that Cicero was just as much influenced in the momentous decisions he had to make in his life by the examples of famous figures in Roman history and the cultural/traditional values of Roman society as by the philosophical schools he knew and was also influenced by--a fact which seems to bolster Belliotti's portrait of the complexity of the man.
Freiburg, Germany) has expanded and revised her PhD dissertation on the invectives of Sallust against Cicero and Cicero against Sallust.
For instance: 'Fred believes Cicero is a Roman' is taken as 'Fred believes ((([Cicero.
Against Penner, I claim that this "unresolved tension" is deliberate on Plato's part and that it reflects an essential feature of Platonic pedagogy, aptly described by Cicero as Socrates' multiplex ratio disputandi ("multilayered method of disputation").
In recognition of his distinguished record of dedication to the Hispanic community in Cicero and the greater Chicago area, Morton College Board of Trustee member Frank Aguilar received a Hispanic Heritage Community Award.
Kaine Robertson and Andrea Lo Cicero also return to the starting XV.
The October meeting of the Cicero Society will be held Thursday at noon in the Town Club's Wildish room, 975 Oak St.