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form a scar, after an injury


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Only 1 cockatiel displayed divided testicular tissue (fissured and gaping testicular tissue), and 1 rose-ringed parakeet had testicular cicatrization (scars) at this time.
5% 1 4 I 70% 1 5 I (+ slight mandibulary tori) 61% 1 6 I 88% 1 7 I 62% 1 8 I 99% 2 Patients Attachment Cicatrization Pathology loss 1 none normal slight 2 gingivitis 3 4 5 6 7 moderate 8 gingivitis
1) In traumatic neuromas, the proximal ends acquire a cap of fibroblasts that proceed to cicatrization.
The next day, suppuration was completely established; nevertheless, by the 20th day, cicatrization was complete.
However, the cicatrization scars are formed in patterns that resemble the breasts and genitals of women in general, and female crocodile spirits in particular.
84) In L'Amour (1859), French historian Jules Michelet depicted the menstrual process as a disordered state which persists for a much longer duration: "Woman is for ever suffering from the cicatrization of an interior wound which is the cause of a whole drama.