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In this paper, Steve Cicala and colleagues argue that the same logic applies to a provision of the Affordable Care Act.
Cicala constructs power supply curves ranking production units from lowest to highest cost for each of the 98 areas at an hourly resolution from 1999 to 2012.
STEVE CICALA The development of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling technologies (collectively referred to as fracking) has led to a massive expansion of economically recoverable natural gas reserves in the United States.
3] A questo punto la cicala fece sentire il suo canto dal seno stesso di Cloe, come una supplice che esprime la sua gratitudine per essere stata salvata.
Cicala its et al (1991) in their study of management of upper airway injuries stated that elective intubation should be attempted only with a surgical team present and prepared for emergency tracheostomy.
The Ottoman Grand Admiral Cigalazade Yusuf Sinan Pasha brought his brother Carlo Cicala and secured for him the governorship of the <<Aegean Archipelago>> (Naxos), AGS, Papeles de Estado (hereafter Estado) 1344 K 1675, fol.
Turiel M, Sitia S, Cicala S, Magagnin V, Bo I, Porta A, Caiani E, Ricci C, Licari V, De Gennaro Colonna V, Tomasoni L.
Cicala, G, Milella, A, Palumbo, F, Favia, P, d'Agostino, R, "Morphological and Structural Study of Plasma Deposited Fluorocarbon Films at Different Thicknesses.
Zou, Zhongcheng, Ashley Chastain, Susan Moir, Jennifer Ford, Kathryn Trandem, Elena Martinelli, Claudia Cicala, Paul Crocker, James Arthos, and Peter D.
She stumbled upon a small production company called Cicala Filmworks, and when Silverman met the director Stefan Schaefer she knew instantly she wanted to work with him.
L'obiettivo sembra starle talmente a cuore da spingersi a suggerire a Filippo, per tramite di Francesco, le persone dalle quali dovrebbe distanziarsi, come Francesco degli Albizi: "Messer Albizo giunse in Roma, e credo neghera tutto a Filippo, che e un bugiardo nidiace, ma io so che ha detto a costei i secreti nostri quali ho conosciuto pe' contrasegni: Filippo farebbe bene, anzi benissimo, a non praticar seco, perche e un uomo disonorevole e la maggior cicala che sia in Francia" (Romano 50).
Son partidarios de la tesis de THON, CICALA, SICHES o CUNHA GONCALVES.