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an acknowledgment that can be used to say hello or goodbye (aloha is Hawaiian and ciao is Italian)

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Mulled Apple Cider sorbetto brings ripe, crisp and sweet apples together into a juicy sorbet with Ciao Bella's signature blend of mulled spices.
Ciao Bella, always a popular choice for people in Huddersfield, both young and old, families, couples and groups |
We are so grateful to Lynne and Samantha is very excited about the future for Ciao Bella.
Ciao Bella is small and spare - nine or so tables between the front windows and a counter displaying scrumptious dessert choices.
Although we didn't see any actual red-checked tablecloths or decorative Chianti bottles at Ciao, the restaurant's menu favors the type of Americanized Italian fare exemplified by such iconic table accoutrements.
Ciao Bella, which had its start in New York City in 1983, sells gelato and sorbet nationally in packaged form in retail outlets as well as supplying a variety of foodservice outlets.
A good meal was had by all, but there are some niggles Ciao Bella could do with sorting out.
Ciao is a comprehensive source for intelligent shopping on the web, combining consumer reviews and ratings from a multimillion-user-strong online community with up-to-date price information from thousands of online merchants.
Ciao said at the conference, cosponsored by the University of New Mexico.
Among the 154 respondents, 76% were white, 16% were black, 2% were Hispanic, and the rest were of other or mixed ethnicities, Ms, Ciao said at the conference, cosponsored by the University of New Mexico.
Ciao is designed to stimulate the student's four language skills: listening, reading, writing and comprehension.
Based on true success stories from lawyers that author Cordell Parvin has met and coached, Say Ciao to Chow Mein: Conquering Career Burnout is the first in a series of novels following frustrated first-year law firm associate Tony Caruso as mentor Jim Hardy teaches him (over many a cup of Starbucks coffee) how to organize his professional and personal life for maximum fulfillment.
Ciao Bella: In Search of My Italian Father by Helena Frith-Powell (Gibson Square Books, pounds 12.
These cannons, bombs, and so forth, such as Contraerea (Antiaircraft Gun) and Cannone "Bella Ciao," both 1966, seem anything other than menacing because they are so clearly nonfunctional; they evoke not violence but playfulness, while effacing the boundary between sculpture and installation.
The Catholic Radio Program currently broadcasts four days a week in English and seven days a week in Polish on CIAO AM 530 in Toronto.