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an enzyme that occurs in gastric juice

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Chymosin enzyme is aspartic proteinase that is traditionally used in the cheese making.
Bernal, Performance of fermentation produced chymosin and other milk-clotting enzymes in the elaboration of "cremoso argentine" cheese, Microbiologie Aliments Nutrition, 15, 333-338 (1997).
Fermentation-produced chymosin (FPC) is by far the most common form of a milk-coagulating enzyme used today, according to the WCDR.
Rennet, in the form of pure chymosin, is also manufactured using genetically modified microbes such as the fungus Aspergillus niger.
No GE-produced animals are yet approved for human consumption, although cheeses may contain chymosin, and dairy products may have been produced from milk containing GE-BST.
The active ingredient of rennet is the enzyme chymosin, also known as rennin.
Applications of ag / food biotechnology Examples of current ag and Expected future products from food biotech products biotechnology * Milk from cattle receiving bST * Rapid growing salmon * FlavrSavr tomatoes * Improved tomatoes * Improved cherry tomatoes * High solids tomatoes, potatoes * Carrots * High stearic rapeseed oils-- * Sweet mini-red peppers shortening * Chymosin cheese and frying * Aspire--natural fungicide * MCTs from rapeseed * Nisin--cheese protection * Low saturated fats from * Pest resistant corn, wheat, rapeseed cotton, potato * Pest resistant rice Table 3.
GM enzymes used as processing aids, such as chymosin in cheese and pectinase in fruit juices, do not have to be labelled.
Crystallographic studies at CARB were then focused on protein engineering efforts that included among others chymosin, subtilisin BPN'.
It also excludes the genetic engineered enzyme used in cheese production -- chymosin.
Likewise, the biotech-created enzyme Chymosin is used in cheesemaking with positive results.
In 1990 the FDA issued the first regulation for the use of a recombinant DNA-produced food ingredient, fermentation-derived chymosin (rennet).
The genetically engineered enzyme chymosin is used in two-thirds to three-quarters of the cheese produced.
The first commercial product, a recombinant chymosin called Chymogen, can be found in approximately 60 percent of all hard cheeses in the United States.
Likewise, although the National Organic Standards Board ruled genetically engineered chymosin (a cheese hardening agent) an unacceptable synthetic, the USDA proposal would permit it to be labeled organic.