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a semiliquid mass of partially digested food that passes from the stomach through the pyloric sphincter into the duodenum

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Evaluation of the chyme from the ileostomized participants indicates that both dosage strengths of SYN-004 (75 mg and 150 mg) degrade residual IV ceftriaxone present in the chyme, supporting the mechanism of action of SYN-004.
The arrangement of the muscle layers is functionally important, as it relates to its role in mixing chyme during the digestive process as well as to its ability to force the partially digested contents into the small intestine.
As chyme moves through the colon, it is mixed and exposed to gut bacteria that trigger fermentation of undigested carbohydrates.
While Chyme HD carves an impressive lyrical play with the song, Ade Piper takes it wittily to a floor level and forms a loveable tune stemmed from harmonizing energies.
CHYME will be launched in January 2012 and presented to key individuals and healthcare professionals from children and adult services from the Walton Centre, BCUHB, Bangor University, local epilepsy and children's charities.
1971, Peristaltic carrying and mixing of Chyme in the small intestine ( An analysis of a mathematical model of peristaltic of the small intestine), J.
Effects of an inserted endoscope on chyme movement in small intestine.
What if beauty gets chewed and moves from solid to chyme to gut to the
From there, the food, now called "chyme," travels through your small intestine (considered small because of its diameter, not its 11-foot length) where hormones and other chemicals neutralize the acid and further digest the chyme, and finger-like projections from the lining of the small intestine reach out to absorb nutrients into the bloodstream where they literally feed cells throughout your body.
Chyme (digestive fluid from the foregut) also migrates from the foregut to the hepatopancreas via the same route.
See, for instance: "Enter Pembrook, Moorton, Oswen, Amery, to them this crew marching, one drest like a Moore wth a Tun painted with yellow oker, another with a Porrenger full of water and a pen in it, Turnop speaketh the Oration" (lines 368-71); and "The boy trips around about Oswen and Amory, sing chyme, and they the one after the other, lay them vsing very sluggish gestures, the Ladyes amazed about them" (lines 1145-48).
Once food gets into the stomach, it is mixed with gastric juices and becomes a soupy liquid called chyme.
4 2 Chaetognaths 2 1 Larval and juvenile fishes 33 16 Invertebrate eggs 2 2 Chyme 5 2