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consisting of chyle or having the properties of chyle


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1) A chylous effusion is usually related to malignancies, or surgically or otherwise traumatised thoracic duct or its tributaries, but it can also be caused by TB or sarcoidosis.
The lipoprotein profile of chylous and nonchylous pleural effusions.
The intimate relationship of LAM cells to the lymphatic vessels is believed to be responsible for chylothorax and chylous ascites formation.
The natural history tends to be that of slow progression with recurrent chylous accumulations and associated mediastinal compression.
With THE, patients had significantly fewer pulmonary complications, less chylous leakage, shorter mechanical ventilation time, and shorter stays in the ICU and in the hospital (N.
It is an adjunct to lymphography in: primary and secondary lymphedema of the extremities; chyluria, chylous ascites or chylothorax; lymph node involvement by primary or secondary neoplasm; lymph node response to therapeutic modalities.
Clinically, it could also be characterized by recurrent pneumothorax, haemoptysis or chylous pleural effusions.
Chylous bronchorrhea has been described but is very rare (8).
The gross description of the specimen is also a desirable component of the report because it yields useful diagnostic information (eg, milky fluid is a key to identifying chylous effusions).
She developed a massive chylous ascitic drainage from her omphalocele, the aetiology of which remained unknown despite extensive investigation.
This is why chylous fistulas can occasionally be seen with right neck dissections.