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a milky fluid consisting of lymph and emulsified fats

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The combination of the two therapies targets absorption and production of chyle, and has proven to be effective at our center, as we describe, with the management of one particularly high-output chylous fistula.
Alternatively, sudden compression of the lipemic and engorged mesenteric lymphatics, adjacent nodes, and lower thoracic duct aggravated by deformations associated with stretching and tearing motions may also directly disrupt chyle containing lymphatics (6).
1] Because of the noninflammatory nature of chyle, patients do not experience pleuritic chest pain but present with dyspnea.
The initial signs included anorexia, colic, kicking at belly, paddling of limbs in recumbency, frequent getting up and lying down which subsided after 2 days which might be attributed to stimulation of autonomic nervous system distended cranial loops of obstruction with chyle and fluids (Papadopoulos et al.
Smoke A, Delegge MH: Chyle leaks: consensus on management?
Chyle consists of lymph of intestinal origin, which is a milky and opalescent fluid rich in lymphocytes, protein, triglycerides and chylomicrons.
Presence or absence of chyle in the urine helps to determine whether a disorder is hot or cold and this method of diagnosis is also extendable to the third-stage when the urine has undergone total transformation.
The thoracic duct is the largest lymphatic vessel in the body, draining lymph and chyle from the subdiaphragmatic body, left arm and chest (except for the lower lobe of the left lung) into the left brachiocephalic vein.
Lymphatic obstruction leads to formation of a lymphaticourinary fistula, causing excretion of chyle into the urinary tract.
One patient was found to have chyle ascites, and 1 had no abnormal findings on laparoscopy.
Uma primeira etapa resultava na producao daquilo que era chamado de "massa sanguinaria" designada tambem sob o nome de chyle, substancia esbranquicada "semelhante ao leite de amendoas", dizia Pare, e na composicao da qual entravam os quatro humores.
Oesophageal disease accounted for 17% of publications, airway pathology for 8%, pericardial disease for 4%, mediastinal masses for 3%, chest wall tumours for 3%, conditions of the diaphragm for 1% and the chyle duct for 0.
Indications for the use of a drain Prophylactic 1) To remove excess blood and serum 2) To remove pus, blood, serous exudates, chyle or bile 3) To form a controlled fistula e.