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a milky fluid consisting of lymph and emulsified fats

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The presence of chyle in the pleural space defines a chylothorax.
The accumulation of chyle in the pleural space is a chylothorax, which accounts for a small percentage of all pleural effusions.
The chyle and chyme in acid pavane, Chancred nubbin, shrunken vidette, Though not from Time's unhealthy sex-- Just a puncheon no longer in function.
semen, water, lymph, marrow, chyle, vitality, and flesh
In the following stanzas the diminuition of chyle, blood, flesh, fat, bone, marrow, semen, i.
Combe's position is essentially that of Hegel who, while similarly conceding the explanatory powers of chemistry, nonetheless insisted that the transformation of food into chyme and eventually chyle could not be exhaustively explained by chemistry.
Hegel, however, is less interested in chyme than he is in chyle, the product of a process so difficult of empirical access that even Beaumont's fistulated patient could yield no information.
The morbidity of an unrecognized chyle leak results from local, immunologic, and metabolic effects, and the mortality of untreated chylothorax is estimated at 50% (3, 5, 6).
Pleuritic chest pain and fever are unusual because chyle is sterile and considered nonirritating to the pleural surface (7, 9).
1) Since then, however, thoracic duct ligation has been shown to greatly reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with chyle leaks.
Various substances (final concentrations: bilirubin F, 34-170 mg/L; bilirubin C, 42-210 mg/L; hemolytic hemoglobin, 1-5 g/L; chyle, 392-1960 FTU; Interference check-A; International Reagent Corp.
He described "globular masses" that are the "product of chyle and show incessant diversity in the blood" (3).
Most reports concerning lymph or chyle within the pericardial space concern isolated patients because this condition is rare (38).
His ideas about the formation of chyle were vague, although he found components in it reminiscent of blood, including "white globules" and a coagulable fluid (15).
But for Myrtle Chyles, living in an apartment out in the world is a tremendous victory.