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Synonyms for chute

Synonyms for chute

rescue equipment consisting of a device that fills with air and retards your fall

sloping channel through which things can descend

jump from an airplane and descend with a parachute

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All external surface of the chute should have an application of a special fire retardant paint of two millimetres thick to eliminate sound and leakage and to prevent oxidization.
Chute Gerdeman, with a core competency in the retail and restaurant categories, fills this space in FCB/RED's offerings and brings a proven track record of retail design innovation for well-known brands around the world over its 28-year history.
Os tipos de chutes encontrados nos estudos foram 2 a 144 chutes frontal, 22 a 144 chutes semicirculares, 1 a 20 chutes com giro, 1 a 2 chutes de costa e 1 chute lateral.
Police were called when the parachute club at Netheravon, Wiltshire, reported the rarity of both chutes failing.
Caption: The four-section chute is part of a package that includes hydraulics, remote controls and pedestal-mounting hardware.
There are four ammo chutes, so make sure you connect all of them.
Mr Smith told jurors: "The prosecution contend that Miss Abdulrahman knew what she was doing when she carried the baby from the flat and dropped her those five floors down the chute.
Abdulrahman recently admitted to psychiatrists she threw her baby down the chute after suffering post-natal depression, jurors heard.
Recently, Chute received an investment from Knight Foundation via its Knight Enterprise Fund, a new and early-stage for-profit venture fund dedicated to the advancement of media innovation.
He cut away the main chute and deployed his emergency chute but it looks like he was too close to the ground.
project, NHA changed the item 506-C "precast" 512 chutes payable at Rs 780 per chute for a total amount of Rs 399,360 as provided in original Bill of Quantities (BOQ) to concrete chutes "in Situ" (at-site casting) to be paid item wise through revised BOQ which increase the item rate cost at Rs 101,021.
Installing point detection devices in transfer chutes for blockage detection is necessary as it is an inexpensive way of pre-empting a nasty chute blockage.
Chute, 82, formerly of Worcester, died peacefully on Wednesday, Feb.
Available in three models: horizontal chute with back stop, angled hopper with back stop, flared side guide
The basics of the model design are described considering a body, with a variable shape, placed on the surface of the vibrating chute feeder that has a slope angle [chi](t), according with the horizontal reference line (Fig.