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Synonyms for chute

Synonyms for chute

rescue equipment consisting of a device that fills with air and retards your fall

sloping channel through which things can descend

jump from an airplane and descend with a parachute

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After elevating the chute box above the material flow, a 3/8-or 1/2-in.
Police were called when the parachute club at Netheravon, Wiltshire, reported the rarity of both chutes failing.
Caption: The four-section chute is part of a package that includes hydraulics, remote controls and pedestal-mounting hardware.
After clearing the area immediately forward of the aircraft and incorrectly visually inspecting the feed chute, feeder, and gun for any remaining rounds, the ordnance-maintenance-team QASO started to duplicate the discrepancy.
The chutes are designed to contain these types of fires and prevent them spreading to other areas of the building.
Station officer at Foleshill Station Dave Borrell said: "The man was on an oily surface at the opening of the scrap chute.
The chute is made of formed metal so there are no seams or cracks.
Debbie claimed the chute had a height restriction of 5ft 2in.
Acme also sells mailboxes, tenant storage lockers, construction chutes and pneumatic tube repairs.
The chute, which is deployed at landing for stability and braking, was left exposed when a panel ripped away from the shuttle's body at launch on October 29.
A connecting chute with hinged feed flap and inspection door.
The first set of rapids was a cakewalk--just a chute that bottomed out in a couple of minor haystacks.
Methods of material transfer and locating castings at a suitable level for grasping might include placing a storage bench between two workstations, installing a trough or skid plate with guides or a chute type magazine filled by a dumper or mechanized conveyor.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Echo, the first and largest real-time web platform provider, and Chute, makers of the leading platform for publishers and brands to seamlessly integrate user-generated content into websites and apps, today announced the release of Chute Media Galleries, an application that enables marketers to quickly build and deploy real-time, user generated photo walls about any topic, user or hashtag.
This consultation relates to the benefits payable for disinfestation, rodent control and disinfection of refuse chutes columns - Execution of cleaning services, cleaning and disinfection of refuse chutes and ducts shovels garbage chute located on the landings of some of the buildings belonging to groups Colombes public housing,- The insect and rodent control housing and public areas of a part of public Colombes habitat heritage- The unclogging chutes columns.