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Synonyms for churning

moving with or producing or produced by vigorous agitation


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(of a liquid) agitated vigorously

References in classic literature ?
Indeed, sir, it's not fit for you to go in, for Hetty's in the middle o' making the butter, for the churning was thrown late, and I'm quite ashamed.
She came churning along, now, making a deal of noise of one kind or another, and aggravating it every now and then by blowing a hoarse whistle.
When the Spaniards came down from their drinking, a fight ensued, the two parties churning up the sand, and driving each other into the surf.
The word "churn'' might conjure images of dairy farms and milkmaids, but there's another kind of churning -- it's financial, and it can hurt you.
In other words, the outer container could be filled with warm water in cold weather and cold water in warm weather, thus improving the churning action.
If so, then you fell victim to the high-tech equivalent of churning.
The only group worth targeting is the Persuadables because, according to the model, they could be prevented from churning by a good enough offer from Telenor.
Agama's Churn Identification Application can identify customers experiencing problems and at risk of churning.