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While some would argue that South Africa's new constitution does not prevent majority domination and that whites do not feel safe in a country where the rate of crime against whites is drawing closer to the rate of crime against blacks, the "miracle" that Waldmeir describes is not an occasion for churlishness or cynicism.
If so it would constitute churlishness on my part to deny to my colleague his object: "to reconstruct or describe a rational process by which the admittedly varied and disparate materials in the Bible were consciously and purposefully put together in a complete work by a compiler or an editor working either alone or with a small group of advisers" (p.
Palace's co-owner Steve Parish initially let off some steam on Twitter, where his churlishness was understandable if a bit unprofessional.
Having been defeated in an election for displaying just that kind of churlishness, Labour ought to learn the lesson.
But despite that initial churlishness, cricket observers were later kinder to the big man because he has a superb body of work to sustain him.
Between that, his gardening jibe against Clyde, his aversion to handshakes against Hibs, and his stupid scud of a camera in his cellies on Wednesday in Inverness, he's obscuring his talent with his churlishness.
On a personal level, I remember the churlishness of Greenidge at Lord's in 1984 after his wonderful double hundred had humiliated England in a successful run-chase.
But to begrudge the success of another club which seized its chance of a route to Europe is the height of churlishness and Rovers manager Graeme Souness was right to take offence.
He was the ideal whistle-blower on everything from the Queen Mother's rotting teeth and stringy hair to the Duke of Beaufort's arrogant, mindless, huntin', shootin', fishin', churlishness.
That just underlined the churlishness of the whole rule.
Season of lost gloves and general churlishness is more appropriate in our house
THE indictment against Mike Atherton reads: Churlishness, Evasiveness (the dust concealed in his pocket at Lord's), Uselessness (almost never wins the toss and tours West Indies averaging roughly a dozen runs per innings).
It was another moment of churlishness from the Spaniard, who said: "After six races this is not the biggest opposition I have had.