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in a churlish manner


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I just don't have the energy to break a new one in, or as my husband churlishly rejoins: "Break is the operative word here".
A further downturn cannot be expected to unleash similar generosity when it is greeted so churlishly.
The Hardballer churlishly rejected the notion that even if Clinton lost narrowly, it was still a remarkable Lazarus-like performance for her.
So for him to act so churlishly when it was suggested that he should not be pitched into the thick of the action was childish and petulant and not the behaviour of an officer.
The gap between responsibilities accepted readily and spurned churlishly was enormous.
By contrast, on those subjects where I have done first-hand reporting, Jaccard's treatment is comprehensive, solidly rooted in the scientific research and--unlike Flannery--not churlishly dismissive of contrary points of view.
If you do anything, anything at 'all, to offend or discomfit the employers, they will respond by churlishly failing to employ you
IF there is Liberal Democrat disillusion with leader Charles Kennedy - as alleged by national newspapers and denied by senior party members - the party must be churlishly ungrateful.
Ferguson is pretty sure--but not churlishly whiny about it--that American sports has lost its innocence and that, regretfully, next to go will be the old-style joy of competing, the special camaraderie of those who take up the earnest work of play.
The King, although granting Chardin a pension, churlishly bundled Chardin's pictures, which now grace the walls of the Louvre, into a cupboard at Versailles.
We are going to go with 'Let's roll,' based on the airplane guy making that remark," Bowden churlishly explained on the FSU Web site (in Bowden's defense, one of the things he is legendary for is forgetting names).
Established in 1987 by an Act of Parliament, ACOA began its corporate life with an explicit mandate to work in partnership with the people of Atlantic Canada to create more good jobs and raise earned incomes in a part of the country that had been churlishly dismissed, in some quarters, as a have-not.
The justifiably-chuffed Scotsman later revealed that he had borrowed the idea from Nigel Mansell's classic pass on another Brazilian favourite, Nelson Piquet, but Barrichello - a tad churlishly, perhaps - promptly belittled it by claiming he had been handicapped by clutch and throttle glitches.
Habibie, who decided not to stand in the country's October presidential elections, did so because a local newspaper churlishly pointed out that his campaign would be payrolled by the $70 million proceeds of an inter-bank loan scam.
One might churlishly observe the omission of the word "Some" preceding the word "Theories.