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a state ruled by religious authority

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Baines, Americans United's assistant director for religious outreach, Baines said church-state separation is an idea that everyone should be behind, no matter what they think about God.
The authors do not believe it is possible to understand the Muslim experience without these theories, but believe that a focus on church-state relations can complete the picture.
The authors cite three factors as motivating the study: first, the stark contrast between the importance of religious practice to Muslims in European societies and the greater secularity (and Christianity) of "native" European populations; secondly, the growing anti-Islamic tone of European right-wing political organizations' rhetoric; and finally, the authors' own recognition of the impact of church-state institutions in shaping state accommodation to Muslim religious practices.
Impingements on religious liberty and church-state separation rip into the heart and soul of people worldwide, and Baptists suffer in the process.
She also objected to church-state separation issues, noting that the Bush administration has advocated partnering the California Mission Foundation with the Catholic Church - something she said is sure to raise objections.
In 2000, it found in a Texas case that prayers organized by school officials and recited over loudspeakers before public high school football games violated church-state separation.
This concept of church-state separation was typical of 19th-century Masonic groups who wanted to impede politicians from manifesting their faith.
In the twentieth century, Jefferson's "wall" has profoundly influenced discourse and policy on church-state relations.
The authors effectively use multivariate analysis to show that opinions on church-state issues are more varied and complex than is commonly assumed by advocates of a culture wars thesis, there is no uniform elite attitude on these issues, and there is little consensus among strict separationists and accommodationists on why they adopt their positions.
For the past 20 years, one of the strongest congressional defenders of church-state separation has been a tenacious House member from Texas named Chet Edwards.
Bush first pushed for his faith-based initiative, the issue of church-state separation became a hot topic in the mainstream media.
The increasing religious pluralism of the United States, the rise of the comprehensive administrative state, and the ongoing dissatisfaction with existing jurisprudence on church-state matters, claim Monsma and Soper, have combined to make the traditional model of strict church-state separation difficult to sustain.
This is the most important church-state case ever to come before the Supreme Court,'' proclaimed Oliver S.
When Barack Obama took office one year ago, many advocates of church-state separation cheered.