church year

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the year in the ecclesiastical calendar

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David has already introduced exciting new ideas to the congregation, and we look forward to working with him as well as Steve and Stephanie as the new church year begins.
It is considered the most important day in the Church year, as it is the day on which Jesus rose from the dead.
Classes meet for one hour, three times a week at the church year -round.
The event specific sermons and related resources provide new messages and material which will be especially helpful in providing freshness to your services throughout the new church year for occasions such as: Funerals, Candlelight Services, Child Dedication, Patriotic Services, The Lord's Supper, Baptism, Sanctity of Life, and Holidays.
She worked diligently at providing music appropriate for each season of the church year.
CHRISTIANS in Coventry are joining together for prayer at a special time of the church year.
That event is commemorated by Easter, the most important day of the church year to most Christians.
Triashill (The Holy Church Year, with the Gospels for all Sundays and holidays, prayers and hymns for the Holy Church Year, besides some other prayers.
Advent - the start of a new church year - seemed like the right time because it's about looking backwards and forwards.
In response, the Congress argued that church dogma required basing the church year in a scientifically accurate calendar.
One major change started by Curry has been to integrate more of the traditional liturgical church year.
The event, called A Church Year, will have floral displays from July 4 to 6.
It seems that Harvey envisages an audience for her book that would include not only church historians but also those with a more general interest in Durham's history or in lay religious life: many ecclesiastical and legal terms and concepts are explained or translated on their first appearance (for example, the course of the church year, "pittance," sub pena nubendi) and expertly placed in the context of other recent scholarship as appropriate (for example, clerical marriage, mortuaries, chantries).
Celebrated across the country for 1,600 years on September 27th (or Meskerem 17th, in the Ethiopian/Julian calendar) Meskel--the finding of 'the true cross'--is one of the most important festivals in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church year.
This was Totensonntag (Sunday of the Dead), the last Sunday before Advent, and therefore the last of the church year, when German Protestants remember those who have recently passed away.