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the tower of a church

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Saturday will see the town holding sword-making displays and other events including guided tours of the church tower where the banner flag will fly from.
Pisa, 1298--the famous leaning church tower still needs to be completed more than a century since its construction began.
The event takes place on Saturday, June 17, where visitors will be able to enjoy free bouncy castles, children's activities and games as well as tours of the medieval church tower, offering stunning views of the village, on a first come, first served basis.
One of the previous owners of this renovated church tower was, yep, the Queen.
The heroic bears are due to plummet from the church tower at St Mary's, Chirk, on Saturday, June 20, 12.
CAN you imagine cooking your dinner at the top of a church tower overlooking Cardiff?
When they installed bungee ropes in the church tower the bell ringers hit the roof" - Ken Dodd.
The original church building is to be destroyed with the exception of the church tower and spire that is to be comprised into the new scheme.
Earlier this month Katherine, 32, returned to Neath to hold an intimate concert to raise funds for the St David's Church Tower Appeal.
A CHURCH tower that is over a century old is being demolished because of safety concerns.
ALANDMARK church tower is being demolished because of safety concerns.
The money will fund re-pointing of the church tower and other sections of the remaining elevations.
CAIRO: Thirty people were arrested on Wednesday after Muslims and Coptic Christians clashed over the building of a church tower in a village in southern Egypt, a security official said.
Many had no family, no friends, just a loose circle of acquaintances whispering the message: Find the way to Brooklyn and look toward the skyline for a tall, brown church tower.
However, an ethereal element lightens the potentially cloying claustrophobia of the crumbling church tower and tunnel.