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They also said legislation being considered by Israel's government would allow church property to be expropriated.
Kirk of the Lakes leaders sold the church property at 1500 W.
Palestinian Orthodox Christians have accused the church primate of selling and leasing off landmark church property to Israeli developers and settler groups in Jerusalem, Jaffa and Nazareth among other locations, betraying the churchAaAaAeAcAaAaAeA@1/4AaAaAeAnAaAaAeA s responsibility to protect Palestini that were handed under its care during the Ottoman period.
He said that under the express provisions of the Protection of Communal Properties of Minorities Ordinance 2002, more particularly section 3 which is mandatory in its application and nature, categorically and strictly proscribes the sale, purchase and transfer of Church property by any person without NOC from the Federal Government.
Prices for church property tend to go up or down with prices of real estate property in general, Rampuri says, because of the potential of church property to be converted to other uses.
The petition for review follows a Massachusetts Court of Appeals decision that agreed with the archdiocese's claim that the parishioners were trespassing on church property.
There wasn't a sense of personal loss; more of a sadness that those types of things happen in our community, and even happen on our church property.
AT&T's proposal for the church property required the firm to get city approval because cell towers aren't automatically allowed on residential zoned land, which includes church property.
The 17-year-old brother, Alalate, helped construct a fence around the church property.
DISGRACED judge Heather Perrin faces a probe into claims she tried to pocket [euro]40,000 from a Church property deal.
Gashland Presbyterian presented the question of whether a denomination could, relying solely on the property-trust clause in the denomination's constitution, could create a trust relationship in which the local congregation held all church property in trust for the denomination.
O'Brien is asking the City Council to include the former Notre Dame des Canadiens Church property off Salem Square in the "priority development site" boundary for the CitySquare redevelopment project.
They demanded that corruption cases should also lodged against them as they are involved in plundering of church property and sold Church property in pennies.
DISY lawmaker Christos Pourgourides accused the primate of squandering Church property and suggested the money be given to those in need instead.
If they break in and terrorise old people, I'm not surprised they feel no difficulty in breaking into church property.